Welcome to my Crime and Justice blog! I am a 19 year old criminal justice student at the University of Winnipeg. I advocate for prisoners' rights, human rights, equality and criminal justice/prison system reforms.

My Published Articles

I am volunteer writer for the University of Winnipeg student newspaper titled, The Uniter. Here are three of my articles that have been published: 

Canadians 'get tough on crime' for all the wrong reasons
Misunderstanding the rates and causes of crime leads to wrong solutions

Confessions of a borderline tweetoholic
Used in moderation, Twitter has its merits

Priding ourselves
Although the Olympic flame has been extinguished, Canada's sense of national pride has been ignited

Mayoral candidate Judy Wasylycia-Leis offers an effective and comprehensive crime prevention strategy

Debate around Proposition 19 shows movement is gaining strength

Prison overcrowding has no positive outcome