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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Accused teen killer's lawyer, takes aim at star witness's credibility

Lawyers for a 17-year-old male on trial for the murder of three people attacked the credibility of the Crown’s star witness Wednesday.
Scott Lavallee, Corey Keeper, and Jennifer Ward were killed March 29, 2008, after two masked gunmen walked into an Alexander Avenue house party and opened fire.
On Tuesday, Crown witness Howard Roulette testified he visited the party briefly with an 18-year-old co-accused and then left, believing they were picking up some marijuana.
Roulette said he drove the man to an Alfred Avenue address where the man exited the car and returned with the then 15-year-old accused. Roulette drove the two accused back to the house party where they allegedly killed the three victims and injured three more.
Roulette told court he had only recently met the older accused — who is being tried separately — and had met the youth once prior to the shooting.
On Wednesday, defence lawyer Ryan Rolston accused Roulette of lying about his relationship with the two accused and suggested he had visited the Alfred Avenue address several times “to facilitate the sale of drugs.”
“No, sorry, I don’t sell drugs,” Roulette said.
Rolston grilled Roulette about his criminal record, which includes convictions for domestic assault, failing to appear in court and weapons offences.

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