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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poll Results!

I haven't made a new poll in some time, so here are the results from my previous polls and keep checking back for new ones!

What is your view on the death penalty? 
9 people voted. 
- 22% (2) said "Against it, it is barbaric and inhumane" 
- 66% (6) said "For it, certain people just need to die" 
- 11% (1) said "Undecided, depends on the severity of the crime" 

I am quite shocked that so many people are actually in favour of the death penalty! Maybe they should read one of my old posts pertaining to it... It's a horrible punishment and should not be practiced anywhere in my opinion. Read this article and see what you think: The Ethics of Capital Punishment

Do you agree with Jeffrey Bear's 15 month conditional sentence for manslaughter? 
4 people voted. 
- 50% (2) said "Yes, all circumstances of the crime must be considered"
- 50% (2) said, "No it was too lenient and he should have been sentenced longer" 
- 0% said "No, he should have gotten less than 15 months time" 

Do you agree with Parliament's decision to abolish 2-for-1 double time credit for pre-trial custody of criminals? 
6 people voted. 
- 33% (2) said Yes
- 66% (4) said No. 

I am pleased that more people agree that it should NOT have been abolished. Double time credit is essential, in my opinion and criminals should be rewarded it, as pre-trial conditions are harsh, crowded and there is a lack of programming. 

Do you agree with the Judge's decision to find Allan Schoenborn, a father who killed his 3 children, not criminally responsible? 
5 people voted. 
- 20% (1) said Yes, because he has a mental disorder
- 80% (4) said No, he should be guilty and in prison. 

These results really disturb me. The general public apparently does not understand how people who suffer from mental disorders, perceive reality differently than the average person and how distorted there thoughts and perception really are. The evidence clearly showed that this man suffered from schizophrenia and people like this should not be in prison. His actions were involuntary and therefore, not blameworthy. Prison would be completely ineffective as there is no programming to help people with mental disorders and he would likely be released as a more violent and dangerous and untreated individual. Is that in the best interests of society? Do we want a more dangerous person, who has an untreated mental disorder, back on the streets? No, we don't. That's why he needs to get help in a specialized facility. Unfortunately, the public does not seem to understand this. I sometimes wonder, whether society is really that callous and unsympathetic towards people who really need help.

Do you agree with the decision of the jury to find Robert Kociuk, guilty of first degree murder? 
2 people voted. 
- 50% said yes, the Crown proved his guilty beyond a reasonable doubt 
- 50% said no, the Defence raised a reasonable doubt 

Personally, I think he should have been acquitted. There was a HUGE doubt, as another man had confessed to the same murder and there was a lack of damning evidence against Mr. Kociuk. You can read my full blog post for more of my opinion. 



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