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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teens who plotted shooting rampage to remain in youth facility

Two teens who plotted a shooting rampage at Fort Richmond Collegiate and other schools will be allowed to serve their two year jail sentences in a youth facility, a judge ruled Wednesday.
The now 18-year-old man and 18-year-old woman were still youths at the time of their arrests in January 2009 but were sentenced as adults, meaning they could have been ordered to serve out their time in an adult jail.
Judge Brian Corrin said he saw no reason to depart from a joint Crown and defence recommendation that the teens be allowed to continue serving their sentences in a youth facility, where they have showed signs of progress.
While the teens agreed to be sentenced as adults, a defence requested publication ban remains in effect prohibiting the printing of their names.
The teens were arrested after police received a tip the boy accused had a cache of firearms and was "mentally unstable." They pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit murder.
According to an agreed statement of facts, the teens planned the mass killing of students and staff at Fort Richmond Collegiate, Lorette Collegiate (where the female accused had previously been enrolled), and the University of Manitoba, as well as parishioners at the Church of the Rock in Fort Garry.

Teens to remain in jails for youth
TWO Winnipeg teens who planned to go on a deadly killing spree inside several local schools will remain in youth jails despite being raised to adult court.
The pair, now both 18, pleaded guilty last September to conspiracy to commit murder. They were sentenced to two years behind bars.
Crown and defence lawyers appeared in court Wednesday for a placement hearing, which is mandated by the Criminal Code. They all agreed the accused are making steady progress at their current youth facilities and should not be moved to an adult institution.
"From the Crown's perspective, why muck with success?" said prosecutor Susan Baragar.
Defence lawyer Greg Brodsky said his client is a "salvageable young man" provided he remains in his current environment. Youth justice officials agreed, saying his safety would be in danger if moved. His female co-accused was also reported to have made significant improvement.
The teens had stockpiled four rifles and shotguns in late 2008 in preparation for a mass killing at Fort Richmond Collegiate.
They also discussed driving the boy's father's Hummer H3 to the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus to shoot more people. College Lorette Collegiate and Church of the Rock parishioners were among their other intended targets.

As you may know, I am opposed to young offenders being sentenced to adult prison, so I think that this is execellent decision on the Judge's part! 

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