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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Using the internet to ure underage co-workers gets Calgary man 5 year prison sentence

CALGARY - A city man who used fake identities on the Internet to get three underage female co-workers to send him sexually-
explicit pictures of themselves has been sent to prison for five years.
Provincial court Judge Catherine Skene agreed on Monday to the sentence for Robert Ogle, 25, after listening to a joint submission by Crown prosecutor Nadine Nesbitt and defence lawyer Lisa Burgis.
"Here, Mr. Ogle used the Internet to groom young girls," Nesbitt told the judge. "He used different online personnas to
convince the girls that it was good for them.
"With the Internet, kids chat online and it's too easy for adults to manipulated and groom these girls. In this case there was a
fair amount of manipulation."
Ogle had previously pleaded guilty to five charges, two of them for luring the three girls under 16 who worked with him at Sobeys grocery store, for sexual gratification and making child pornography.
The incidents occurred between 2004 and 2009, court heard.
One of the girls cried as she read her victim impact statement, saying she was scared to walk down the streets and was angry for a long time after the incidents with Ogle.
Her mother told court she was in shock when she found out about her daughter's "loss of innocence" at the hands of a perpetrator.
Aside from the two luring offences, Ogle also pleaded guilty to sexual interference, making and possessing child pornography.
Police found more than 72 naked images of one of the girls and 57 of another on his digital camera and computer.
Police found more than 1,100 child pornography images from the Internet had also been viewed on his computer.
Ogle, who was not diagnosed as a pedophile, apologized to the victims and said "I regret what I did and wish I could go back."
He said he plans to be rehabilitated and put it all behind him.

Ogle must be registered as a sex offender for 20 years, not attend any swimming pool, school ground, community centre or other place where children under 16 would likely be present, and must provide a DNA sample.

I think that this sentence is appropriate. Sex offenders are the most dangerous type of offenders and not very many of them are able to benefit from rehabilitation programs. This man is remorseful but he is a risk to other girls which is why I agree with the 5 years.

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