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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friend dies in the arms of a drug trafficker

A drug trafficker may have been panicking while his buddy lay in his arms breathing his last after being shot, but he still had the presence of mind to tell another to hide the drug profits in a freezer before police came.
During questioning by defence counsel Danny Gunn on Friday, witness Alex Murdock admitted that's what happens when you're working in a crack house on Magnus Avenue employed by a gang connected to the Hells Angels -- you had to think about hiding money brought in through the sale of street drugs.
"You're holding your friend who is dying and you think 'Oh my God, the cops will be here and I've got all this money -- I have to take it to Andrews (Street, another drug house),'" Gunn said, to which Murdock said, "Yes."
"If you don't get that money in, you could be next," Gunn added, to which Murdock replied, "Correct."
But Murdock said when the woman he told to take the money to the house on Andrews was too frightened to do that, he told her to stash it in the freezer.
Murdock was testifying in the trial of Cody Owen Bushie, 29, who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.
Aaron Nabess, 20, died after being shot in a back lane after leaving a known crack house at 575 Magnus Ave., on July 12, 2007.
Earlier, Murdock told the seven-man, five-woman Court of Queen's Bench jury Nabess also sold drugs out of the crack house.
Murdock said Nabess and several other people were drinking beer through the evening until he ordered two women and a man to leave after he heard his girlfriend being threatened.
He said a few minutes later Nabess went outside and a few minutes after that "I heard a big bang at the door. I opened it and I see my friend (Nabess) lying on the floor... I lifted his shirt and saw the wounds. I said, 'Oh my God, he's been shot.'"
The trial continues.

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