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Monday, April 12, 2010

How is letting a convicted child rapist out - hoping they won't do it again - "in the best interests of society." You make no sense. The best interests of society is never letting the person near a child again. Period. There is NO cure for pedophiles.

If they participated in rehabilitative programs in prison (even though they are limited in their success) and had the motivation to overcome their illness, then I believe that releasing from prison could be an option. The community can offer more successful and less traditional forms of treatment for sex offenders, which is what they need. Of course, they would need to be closely monitored and supervised in the community and be on the sex offender registry and not allowed to work with children or be in the area of children.

But I do believe that people can and do want to change and sometimes, we just need to give them that opportunity. It would not be safe for society, to force a sex offender to serve their entire sentence and then be released "cold turkey" at their warrant expiration date. They would be released with NO community supervision whatsoever, which is even more dangerous. That means they would not have any obligations to participate in more treatment, no employment assistance, no curfew or any conditions at all. I feel that if we abolished statutory release for these offenders, they will be released into the same social conditions which contributed to their crimes in the first place, which is even more dangerous, in my opinion.

You can't generalize all sex offenders into one category by saying there is "no cure." Some of them DO want to change, but need to assistance to do so. They may not be able to be "cured," but they can be rehabilitated or treated, so that they can effectively learn to manage their illness.

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