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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just some things I would love to accomplish someday...

Some of my life goals/aspirations: 

- Save someone's life
- Be on a jury for a criminal trial 
- See the inside of a prison (preferably not serving time though!)
- Bring awareness to the unreported, other side to crime stories (the offender's feelings, defence, background life, mitigating factors, social and economic factors, etc.)
- Bring awareness about biased media reports
- Raise awareness as to why prisons and "tough on crime" policies are ineffective
- Help shift society from one based on retributive justice and punishment to one based on restorative justice and rehabilitation. 
- Call 911 
- Witness a crime
- Raise awareness about the public's distorted crime perceptions about crime rates, victims, offenders, prisons and sentencing, as perpetuated largely through the media. 
- Help offenders and their families. 
- Help create more crime prevention and early intervention programs for youth especially. 
- Tour the Alcatraz prison 
- See the inside of Winnipeg's oldest, still standing prisons, called the Vaughan Street Jail. 
- If I was ever on a jury, I would love to be the one person who felt the accused was innocent, the one person who supported their claims, making it a hung jury.
- Learn more about wrongful convictions and how to prevent them and lobby for change and awareness.
- Help to stop criminal justice discrimination of minorities. 

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