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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Woman jailed for stabbing ex.

Sit all three parties in a love triangle on a couch, add alcohol, and it’s not going to end pretty, a judge heard Monday.
Lorie Bearbull, 33, stabbed her former boyfriend at least two times in the stomach following an alcohol-fuelled argument between the victim and her current beau on Aug. 12, 2008.
“The facts of this case are highly unusual,” said defence lawyer Lori VanDongen. “Adding alcohol is like adding the spark to a keg of gunpowder. Eventually something is going to happen, and eventually something did.”
The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition suffering a perforated bowel.
Court heard Bearbull told police the victim had previously been stalking her.
Judge Lee Anne Martin sentenced Bearbull to 18 months in jail to be followed by three years supervised probation.
Bearbull received double credit of 13 months for time served, reducing her remaining sentence to five months.

This article is beyond vague. It does not mention what she was charged with, the defence's arguments or any mitigating factors. Therefore, I cannot make an informed decision. 

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