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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cansanay and gang behind jail riot

JEFFREY Cansanay spent the hours leading up to his sentencing hearing wreaking havoc inside a Manitoba jail.
The convicted killer was one of nine members of the African Mafia street gang who caused a minor uprising at the Headingley Correctional Centre overnight Monday, forcing the jail's crisis negotiation team to go in and contain the melée.
Crown attorney Gerry Bowering told court Wednedsday the incident began when Cansanay and two other inmates complained about access to showers and telephones, which were being repaired in their unit.
Bowering said they "didn't like the response" they got and began throwing newspapers and smashing furniture. Several gang members also began calling the guards "racist," court was told.
There were no serious injuries. Provincial officials didn't provide a damage estimate.
Headingley had 753 prisoners Tuesday, significantly more than the 485 male inmates the jail is meant to hold. Block 10, where the incident happened, houses members of the African Mafia.

Maybe we shouldn't deprive inmates of access to shower and telephones and they wouldn't start a riot. Deprivations only cause more harm than good. It causes inmates to become bitter, frustrated and angry and start a ruckus. 

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