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Monday, May 31, 2010

Insurance broker acts as his own lawyer in fraud case

A former Great-West-Life insurance broker is defending himself on allegations he stole more than $1.5 million from former clients.
Gary Palmer, 64, began his trial Monday by acting as his own lawyer. He tried to delay his case last week, claiming he wasn’t properly prepared for the month-long case. Queen’s Bench Justice Perry Schulman refused to grant an adjournment, saying Palmer has had plenty of time and is only trying to drag out the proceedings.
Palmer was arrested in October 2006 following a lengthy investigation. He has pleaded not guilty to 23 counts of fraud and one charge of money laundering.
The Crown says Palmer persuaded 25 of his clients to make withdrawals from their investments on the premise he would transfer the money into higher-performing funds. He then allegedly took the money for his own personal use, including vacations, car payments and family expenses.
Palmer was working as an indepenent agent with the company over the eight years he is allegedly to have swindled the victims, who ranged from wealhy professionals to single parents. The Crown plans to call many of the former clients as witnesses during the trial, although one man has since passed away, court was told.
Palmer is also facing numerous civil lawsuits which remain before the courts.

This article is biased as it only states what the Crown's allegations are. I would like to know what Palmer's claims and arguments are and also, any mitigating factors in his life, such as a need for money.

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