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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Judge reserves decision on murder charge

A judge has reserved her decision on whether a second-degree murder charge should be reinstated against a Winnipeg mother accused of killing her toddler daughter last June.
Madam Justice Brenda Keyser of Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench reserved her decision Tuesday after the Crown argued that a decision by provincial court Judge Mary Kate Harvie earlier this year committing the woman to stand trial on a charge of manslaughter wasn’t right.
The woman’s lawyer argued against the Crown’s motion.
Details of the case cannot be reported because relates to a decision at the end of a preliminary hearing, which is subject to a publication ban.
Last year, the Free Press reported that the woman had regained custody of the child in December 2008, a few months before the girl was rushed to hospital with critical injuries.
The Awasis Child and Family Services Agency had seized the girl after she was born. Two of the woman’s other children had been seized earlier and made permanent CFS wards.
The agency supported returning the child to the mother and granted an order to live at a transition home while under CFS supervision.

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