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Friday, May 7, 2010

Slain woman had filed protection order against a relative

A young Winnipeg woman found dead in her Wolseley apartment previously filed a protection order against a relative she said assaulted her on two separate occasions.
Catherine Gastador, 23, was found stabbed to death Tuesday in her Preston Avenue condominium.
According to court records, Gastador was granted a three-year protection order in February 2007. The protection order prohibited the male relative from being within 100 metres of Gastador, following her, or communicating with her in any way.
Gastador told court the man assaulted her in his car on Feb. 10, 2007, following a birthday party for her mother. Gastador said the man grabbed her by the hair and “threw her around” the car.
“I have no idea why he is being so violent toward me,” she told court. “I just want him to stay away just in case I do something wrong to him.”
In January 2006, the man was a bartender at a hotel bar where Gastador worked as a waitress. Gastador said the man choked her after the two got into an argument over a slow service complaint.

‘A bit violent’
Just five months after the protection order was granted, Gastador sought an order to set it aside, telling the court “it was a mistake.”
In a June 15, 2007, affidavit, Gastador wrote she had been drinking both times the man allegedly assaulted her.
“I’ve recently learned that I too become a bit violent when I’ve had a few to drink,” she wrote.
Gastador described the man as “caring and generous” and said he deserved to be welcomed back to the family.
“I believe he deserves to be part of our family functions,” she wrote. “I feel awful and greedy to be fully blaming him for what was my fault too ... I do not feel a threat coming from (him) anymore because now I understand that it is me that needs to control my alcohol consumption.”
The man is before the courts on an unrelated charge of assault causing bodily harm dating to October 2009. He made his first court appearance Thursday. He has one prior conviction for assault in April 2007.
As of press time Thursday, police had yet to announce an arrest in the killing.

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