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Friday, June 11, 2010

Past Poll Results!

Should mandatory minimum sentences be abolished? 
Yes because they severely limit judicial discretion resulting in unfair sentences: 70% (7 people) 
No because they help to deter, prevent and reduce crime and "send a message": 30% (3 people) 

Which of the following do you believe is the most effective method to reduce crime?
Longer prison terms: 42% (3 people) 
More mandatory sentences: 14% (1 person)
More police: 14% (1 people) 
Early intervention programs: 57% (4 people) 
Reducing poverty, unemployment and addictions: 28% (2 people) 
Rehabilitation of offenders: 42% (3 people) 

How do you feel towards section 718(e) of the Criminal Code that says all reasonable available sanctions other than imprisonment should be considered with particular attention to the circumstances of aboriginal offenders? 
I agree, prison is an inappropriate sanction for most aboriginals and they need restorative justice: 40% (2 people) 
I disagree. Why should we pay special attention to aboriginals? 60% (3 people)

The purpose of correctional institutions should be? (if they were reformed)
Punishment/retribution: 16% (1 people)
Deterrence to future criminals: 0%
Incapacitation (protection from those who pose a danger to society): 33% (2 people)
Rehabilitation, reform and reintegration: 66% (4 people)

The best method(s) to reduce prison overcrowding would be? 
Build more prisons and cells in existing prisons: 16% (1 person) 
Abolish mandatory minimum sentences: 33% (2 people) 
Grant bail to more suspects: 16% (1 person) 
Less reliance by the courts on imprisonment and more on community alternatives: 50% (3 people)
Bring back capital punishment: 33% (2 people) 
Other: 16% (1 person) 

With a recent wave of gang violence in Winnipeg; what do you think would be the best method to help reduce and prevent gang related crimes?
Longer prison sentences for gang members: 33% (1 person)
More police in the west end and inner city:  0%
Gang prevention and desistance programs with positive role models: 33% (1 person)
More recreational facilities and activities for at-risk youth: 33% (1 person)
Employment assistance and resources for youth: 33% (1 person)
Reducing poverty: 33% (1 person)
Programs that teach life skills, stress and risk management: 66% (2 ppl) 

Do you believe that rights and freedoms entitled to all Canadian citizens as outlined in the Charter, should still apply to individuals convicted of a crime?
Yes, all Canadians are entitled to their rights and freedoms regardless of their past. Denying them would be discrimination: 66% (2 people) 
No, convicted persons lost their rights and freedoms when they committed the crime: 33% (1 person)
Mixed feelings, some rights and freedoms should still apply, but not all of them: 0% 

Should Vincent Li (man who suffered from mental illness and killed male on Greyhound bus) be allowed outside on supervised passes?
Yes, he was found NCR and deserves basic rights and to be treated humanely: 40% (2 people)
No, he killed a man and therefore should not receive those rights: 60% (3 people)

Thanks to everyone for voting and keep checking back for new polls!  

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