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Monday, June 28, 2010

Vince Li's supervised walks will not be appealed by the Crown-- Review Board's decision upheld

The Crown attorney's office in Manitoba has decided not to appeal a decision that granted Greyhound bus killer Vince Li his first small taste of freedom.
The Crown says there are no legal grounds to challenge a ruling by a criminal review board to allow Li short, supervised walks on the grounds of the mental hospital where he is being held.
Li was found not criminally responsible for stabbing and beheading Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus in July 2008.
He has been held in a locked section of the Selkirk Mental Hospital north of Winnipeg.
The Criminal Code Review Board, which examines Li's care every year, decided in the spring that he should be allowed to walk outside, as long as he is with two staff members at all times. It would start at 15 minutes a day and work up gradually to two hours a day.
The decision was a blow to the victim's family, who want Li locked up for the rest of his life.
Manitoba Attorney General Andrew Swan has said Li's walks will not start until the mental hospital increases security measures.

Crown won't fight Li's strolls
The Crown will not appeal a decision to allow Vince Li to stroll the grounds of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.
Manitoba's deputy attorney general Don Slough said a review of the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board's May 31 decision determined that there are no legal grounds to appeal the order. The Crown had originally opposed the supervised passes for Li.
"The test was whether the decision was reasonable," Slough said. "There is no legal basis for an appeal."
The board's decision kicked off a political firestorm earlier this month when it said Li could have two brief supervised outdoor passes a day.
Attorney General Andrew Swan said that Li would not receive supervised walks outside of the centre's forensic unit "unless and until" unspecified new security measures were in place that satisfied the government. Those plans are still being formalized.
Swan was also roundly criticized by mental health advocates for his stance.
On Monday, Progressive Conservative Justice Critic Kelvin Goertzen said Swan's tough comments and the decision not to appeal appear to be a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing within the Justice Department.
"You can't on one day say you don't agree with the ruling and the next day not appeal it," Goertzen said.
Goertzen said Swan has to tell the public what the new security measures are to stay true to his word.
A spokesman for the centre has said it was working on a plan that would allow Li the daily walks without compromising security.
Li was found not criminally responsible last year for the 2008 beheading of 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus near Portage la Prairie. He admitted responsibility for the attack but a judge found him to be suffering from hallucinations and untreated schizophrenia at the time, which left him unable to appreciate or control his actions.
Li is already getting fresh air and limited exercise in a small courtyard attached to the centre's secure forensic unit.
At the original hearing, Dr. Stevenr Kraemer told the board that Li was ready to start receiving supervised passes that let him out of his locked ward.
Kraemer said Li's treatment team endorsed the idea of letting him outside twice a day, up to 15 minutes each time. Kraemer said Li's opportunities could gradually be increased to a pair of daily one-hour leaves.
Li was to be accompanied by one nurse and one security guard at all times, which is an increase of the typical one-on-one supervision other residents receive.
The grounds are not surrounded by any fence or barrier and extra staff would likely have to be hired to accommodate the resources needed for Li, he said.

Crown will not appeal Li's walks
The Crown will not appeal a decision to allow Vince Li to stroll the grounds of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, a spokesperson said Monday.
The province's Justice Department conducted a thorough review of the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board's May 31 decision and found that there are no legal grounds to appeal the order, Manitoba's deputy attorney general Don Slough said.
The Crown had opposed the supervised passes for Li.
"The test was whether the decision was reasonable," Slough said. "There is no legal basis for an appeal."
The board's decision kicked off a political firestorm earlier this month when it said Li could have two brief supervised outdoor passes a day.
Attorney General Andrew Swan said that Li would not receive supervised walks outside of the centre's forensic unit "unless and until" unspecified new security measures were in place that satisfied the government. Swan was roundly criticized by mental health advocates for his stance.
The Centre responded it was working on a plan that would allow Li the daily walks and not compromise security.
Li was found not criminally responsible last year for the 2008 beheading of 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus near Portage la Prairie. He admitted responsibility for the attack but a judge found him to be suffering from hallucinations and untreated schizophrenia at the time, which left him unable to appreciate or control his actions.
Li is already getting fresh air and limited exercise in a small courtyard attached to the centre's secure forensic unit.

Escorted walks for Li won't be appealed
The Crown will not be appealing a decision allowing Greyhound bus killer Vincent Li escorted walks outside the walls of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.
“The test is reasonableness,” Don Slough, director of prosecutions, said Monday. “We determined there is no basis for an appeal.”
On May 31, the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board approved handing Li passes on the centre’s unfenced grounds, provided he be escorted by two staff members, with at least one having a two-way radio or cellphone in case of trouble.
Li, 42, was found not criminally responsible last year in the July 2008 stabbing death and dismemberment of Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus near Portage la Prairie.
Slough said the review board is made up by experts who applied the law in reaching their decision.
“The only time (the Court of Appeal) would intervene is if they looked at (the decision) and said ‘I don’t know how you could reach that conclusion,’” Slough said.
The review board’s decision was opposed by Justice Minister Andrew Swan, who said last month Li will not be allowed outside the hospital until tighter security measures are in place.
“I am disappointed that there are no grounds for appeal but I have full confidence in the Crown’s analysis,” Swan said through a spokeswoman Monday.
“I have written to the federal minister of justice to ask that public safety receive priority for cases before the (board).”
It remains unclear when hospital officials are expected to allow Li outside. A review board report released earlier this month said the hospital has begun to hire and train security staff who will be designated peace officers trained to pursue and apprehend patients attempting to escape.

I am so glad that the Crown has decided NOT to appeal the review board's decision! The review board is comprised of educated professionals in the area of mental illnesses and they have treated Li, so they would have considered if allowing him short walks would pose a risk to the public safety and clearly, they decided that the risk was minimal. Li is in a completely different state of mind now, than he was two years ago and deserves to be treated humanely and to be allowed short and supervised walks outside. It would be beneficial to his treatment, as confinement can cause further mental health issues such as depression. Li is mentally ill and should not be treated worse than a criminal/prisoner, because legally, he did not commit a crime and should not be referred to as a "killer." Allowing him short and supervised walks, while under medication, would not pose a risk to anybody. It's not like he is going to escape and kill somebody else! This is not a dangerous activity and if he posed a risk to the public, the educated review board would not have permitted these walks. Their opinions should be trusted and upheld. Li needs help, not further deprivations and loss of human rights. 

Many members of the public advocate for capital punishment, deportation, imprisonment and worse. All of these acts for the mentally ill, are barbaric, inhumane and uncivilized. We no longer live in the dark ages! The public is largely ignorant and lacks understanding and knowledge about mental illnesses and simply has a desire for revenge, against this man, who had no conscious understanding of what he was doing and his actions were unintentional. He was not mentally present when he committed the act. Yes, the actions he committed were horrific and gruesome and he stole an innocent life, but it was not his fault! And two wrongs don't make a right. Just because he committed an inhumane act, does not mean that we deny this mentally ill man his basic human rights. There is a difference between justice and revenge. What the public is calling for, is revenge. Vince Li received justice, because justice is fair and appropriate not vengeful. 

I understand why Tim McLean's family would be upset by this decision by the Crown and why they continually seek revenge. What happened to their son was horrific. But they have to remember that Vince Li is mentally ill and was not in control of his actions. I do not blame them for being upset, but Li deserves basic care and human rights and part of that is being allowed a certain amount of exercise and fresh air. It's not like he is being released. It's supervised walks. Even serial killers and the most hardened criminals are granted that much. Li is entitled to his human rights like any other Canadian citizen, exercise and fresh air, being one of them. Besides revenge, there is no acceptable reason to confine this man without access to fresh air and sunshine. Anything less, is inhumane and unacceptable. Being draconian and barbaric, will never bring Tim McLean back to life. God says that we are supposed to love one another, care for one another and forgive. Vince Li deserves this. The victim's family has a bloodlust and thirst for inhumane cruelty. We should not punish the mentally ill for actions which were out of their control. It is humane to allow him supervised walks outside. What the victim's family is advocating for, is barbaric and inhumane. We need to extend Li some human compassion as he attempts to recover a normal and sound mind. Many of the public appear to have no experience with mental illness, but in fact, a paranoid schizophrenia like Li when his brain is behaving normally, is just as horrified as the rest of society about what he did. Schizophrenia can be effectively managed and controlled. I wonder, what is wrong with some people? They are not releasing Li. They are allowing him to receive supervised and short walks. That is humane treatment and even the worst criminals get time outside in the exercise yard. Why should this mentally ill man not get the same if not better treatment and rights?

The Old Testament's "an eye for an eye" retributive justice approach, is considered uncivilized, inhumane and barbaric in today's modern and civilized society with advanced research and knowledge into mental illnesses. That law no longer applies to a civilized society. It is barbaric.

Legally, Li is an innocent person. He is not a criminal and should not be treated worse than one. 

Well folks, the truth of the matter is that all incarcerated criminals, regardless of the crime they did, are allowed to attend outside recreation. Even federal offenders in segregation must be offered at least 1 hour outdoors a day. This is something provided in the Canadian Charter of Human Rights- do your research! This isn't day parole, this is ESCORTED WALKS ON THE PREMISES- he can't leave the facility.

Why would anyone want the crown to appeal this anyway? It's a walk. Who cares? Would you rather it get dragged through court and waste time, money and resources? Some of you people need to get a life and quit complaining about EVERYTHING!

Now, I know some of you seem to think that Vince Li will be allowed to go wherever he bloody well pleases and that he'll most likely show up at your door tomorrow morning wielding an ax, even though the story clearly indicates he'll be under supervision and on the grounds of the facility where he is being kept.

Then again, don't let facts stand in the way of making up all sorts of ridiculousness.

My god. This guy is being escorted outside for a walk..on the grounds of the hospital. Relax people. He isn't going to break out and escape.

I don't believe that Tim McLean, who was known and loved as a compassionate, fair, and tolerant man, would have wished for cruel and/or unusual punishment for Mr. Li, who is clearly a very sick person, not an evil one.

It is unfortunate that the extreme bigotry and prejudice against the mentally ill is so profound in this modern time, as evidenced by the absurd and ignorant comments on this article and all others like it.

If anyone is to blame for this tragedy, it is a system which fails to offer treatment and intervention for mentally ill people prior to incidents like this, and a society far too tolerant of idiots like those posters who propagate prejudice and create a terrible stigma around mental illness which prevents people from choosing to seek treatment.

I understand that the family is angry and could have a negative reaction to this, but the media really went out of control with making this into a story. If he was convicted and sent to a regular jail instead of an institution he wouldn't sit in a solitary cell for the rest of his life either. Being locked up for life doesn't literally mean you are sitting in chains and can't move. It means being stuck in the facility for the rest of his life, and I don't see him getting out anytime soon, if ever.

Vincent Li had a psychotic episode and did what he did, but really, he's still a human being. Most of you would give him less exercise than a cow. Anyone who's ever known someone as ill as Li knows that the medications used to control psychotic episodes (primarily Lithium) have numerous shitty side effects, and he can hardly be blamed for not taking them. I don't hear this kind of outrage when a drunk-driver kills someone, when they're at least as culpable as Li for their actions!

I agree with anyone who believes that Li should be institutionalized for the rest of his life for the public good, but to deny him a walk outside with two trained health care professionals is absurd. A healthier Vincent Li makes for safer surroundings for those same employees, and it surely can't hurt to burn his remaining energy (lithium makes zombies of those who take it).

All you Bible-belters should endeavour to remember to whom vengeance belongs. Hint: it's not you.

"Considering everything that Li did to Tim McLean, how can they say he was not criminally responsible? That I don't understand. Something like that in another country Li would have gotten a death sentence or behind bars for the rest of his life. I guess only in Canada one can get a free pass. How do they know Li is not faking and putting on a good show? This situation is what makes it embarrassing for me to be a Canadian. Get rid of the Trudeau's slap on the wrist laws and make some serious real laws."

"The juridical view of schizophrenia seems profoundly flawed. Mental illness is, to be sure, a terrible disability. But so is violent death. Deluded and hallucinatory as he may have been - and psychiatry has not yet demonstrated reliable methods of diagnosing such states - Vince Li nevertheless committed a terrible murder.

Murder is a criminal act. Li committed murder. He is criminally responsible for the murder of Tim McLean. To find otherwise is a serious error both in logic and in law.

Only a criminal code emasculated by the Trudeau Liberals would exempt a murderer from justice on the grounds that he was "unable to appreciate or control his actions."

This man should be in a prison, not a hospital."

So if he were in prison, without therapy or being monitored for taking his meds, you would be okay with him doing the same thing to another inmate or prison staff? Because that would without a doubt happen. Do your research please.

I'm so tired of the same ignorant opinions. This is why Canada is a nice place to live, because we are not blind to mental illness. Well I guess some of us still are, unfortunately. You cannot fake mental illness to the degree he did for that long. I strongly suggest doing some open-minded research before regurgitating the same ignorant responses everyone else has already made hundreds of times. There is a difference between schizophrenia and a cold-blooded murderer who knew what they were doing. I don't have the room to go into detail, so do the work yourself before making unintelligent comments.

On a side note, I do agree for real criminals there should be harsher sentences, and I do think there should be more safety measures before Li takes these walks, but other than that you are all wrong.

perhaps you should look up mental illness in the dictionary and then compare that with what criminal behaviour is. You seem to be smart enough to use a computer so i assume you can educate yourself on these issues.

Swan didn't have a legal leg to stand on when he overruled the board's decision. Notice how his deputy gave the news that there won't be an appeal? Heaven forbid Swan himself should admit he was freaking WRONG. Let some underling do the dirty work and keep the spotlight off himself. I only wish Swan had appealed and ended up being scolded by a judge for bypassing the legal appeal process.

Now the only unanswered question I have is whether the SMHC is going to comply with Swan's orders to "beef up" security.

I'm glad we have clinical psychologists like you posting on here. It's embarrassing that we have Canadians with the reasoning skills of most posters on here. Maybe we should look at helping our school systems so future Internet posters can make actual meaningful and well thought out comments. But I doubt that's possible.

"How do they know Li is not faking and putting on a good show?"

That would have to have been one heck of a show since his wife disclosed that he was behaving bizarrely years before that, others noticed some odd behaviour, and an Ontario hospital allegedly diagnosed schizophrenia years before too. Was all that history just his diabolical way of setting the stage for committing a future murder? Hardly.

It is unfortunate that the ignorance and lack of understanding surrounding mental illnesses is so profound in this modern time. I am shocked and disturbed by the vengeful and barbaric comments against someone who is clearly mentally ill. Anyone who is compassionate, fair and caring, should not oppose these supervised walks. Nobody should advocate for inhumane and barbaric punishments towards the mentally ill. Advocating for revenge on this man, will not bring the victim back an is useless. Li deserves to have his human rights upheld and allowing him short, supervised walks would not pose a risk to anybody.

everyone else comparing Canada to places like China-If you think their justice system is so great, move there. We live in 2010 here in Canada and most of us have evolved to the point where we understand mental illness. There is a DIFFERENCE between regular criminals and schizophrenics. PLEASE can you people just do your research before you come on this comment board? There's no point even explaining psychology to you. Either you'll take 20 minutes and read some info with an open mind, or you'll live in the 1800s forever.

comment was ignorant and there was little research or thought behind it. I would simply suggest you do some research on schizophrenia. Perhaps talk to people that have it or have known someone with it. You will find there most definitely is a difference between someone like Li and someone like Charles Manson or Paul Bernardo. Some may say they have mental problems too, and I would be inclined to agree. However, they were in their state of mind, aware of what they were doing and that it was wrong. Li on the other hand, was pretty much in a whole other world, one might say. The fact is, there is always a possibility Li may go off his meds if not monitored, that's why unfortunately he should stay locked up for the rest of his life. That being said, prison is not for him, a mental health facility where he can have safe and supervised walks are appropriate.

The fact is, he deserves at the very least what other murderers are allowed, to get walks outside,albeit within a secure area. Now,I also suggest to you that you do some research on schizophrenia. As I mentioned to Elizabeth above, he could always go off his meds, that's why he should stay locked up, but not in prison. It's too much of a risk to inmates and staff if he were to go off his meds.


This story mentioned the testimony of two psychiatrists at Li's trial. As to whether he had ever been on meds, I've seen conflicting information. One news source said that when Li was briefly hospitalized in Ontario, he'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia and prescribed medication with no mention of whether he actually took it. I mention that because Li refused treatment and left the hospital. Another source didn't mention he'd been diagnosed or received meds - just that he'd refused treatment.

The most reliable source, IMO, is the review board itself which talked about Li's background in their decision: "He had one psychiatric admission to hospital. In 2005, he went to Ontario from Winnipeg in search of employment. He was picked up by police walking on the highway on his way back to Winnipeg from Toronto and was admitted to William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke. He was allowed to be discharged against medical advice and returned to Winnipeg, where he did not seek further psychiatric help." Later on where they gave the reasons for their decision they mentioned, "his history of being non-compliant with prescribed treatment" but gave no further details so whether that refers to the Etobicoke incident or not, I don't know.

What exactly do you mean by the "rights of victims"? I often hear the war cry, "What about the victim's rights?" and I think, "Um, what about them?" Tim McLean had a right to life and that was indeed taken from him. But since Tim is gone, what are the rights people think his family is being denied? The stock answer is usually "justice" but what does that mean exactly? It is not a "right" to be able to dictate the punishment and/or treatment of another individual. If it is, someone kindly point me to a reference in the Charter of Rights or the Criminal Code. Otherwise, I'll assume that it's the "right" to have revenge which isn't a right at all.

For gawd's sake ... the man's not a "bus killer."

He was ill and the docs say he's now safe enough to walk around.

To those calling for him being killed at the time of the homocide ... using your logic, we should be killing all the mentally ill as soon as they're diagnosed.

You can't punish the crazy out of him, no matter how much your sense of vengence bays for it.

Fact: This man committed a horrible crime.
Fact: This man was found not responsible for said crime because of a pre-existing mental condition.
Fact: This man is now in a secure mental hospital.
Opinion: This man is not a threat to society in his current locale.

It amazes me. The number of people on here who believe that we should torture and punish this individual by denying him walks outside. Even prison inmates get time outside and are able to socialize with other inmates. It seems almost a human need to feel fresh air in their lungs, maybe feel some sun or some rain. Denying someone these rights seems tortuous to me. Let the man have his walks. You never know, with the walks and some drugs, he might just be able to muster an apology (if he has not already).

I sympathize with the victim's family but I hope they realize that the man is ill not evil. He may need to be in custody for the rest of his life to protect the public and himself from harm but he needs treatment, not punishment.

Seems I'm hearing from the "torch and pitchford" crowd here.

Mr. Vincent Li is a "redeemable" person, unlike the proven psychopaths like Olsen/Bernardo/Holmolka/Kelly Ellard, ad nauseum.

I've dealt "one-on-one" with schizophenic persons, and I wouldn't wish this disease of mental illness on my worst enemy, or anyone else for that matter.

Mental illness affects 25% of all persons at any given time, and 100% of us can succumb to "aggravated emotional upset" at any given time.

Therefore: Let the person who is without 'sin' cast the first stone...

"To keep our community and our children safe he should be placed in prison, he could walk all he wants with no threat to us."

Perhaps you need to do a bit of reading about how mental patients fare in general prison populations. Assuming you care.

"My feelings have nothing to do with bigotry, racism or any other stupid comment so many bleeding hearts are spouting off"....and then you add: "Only in Canada where crime by immigrants is rewarded. Ugh!!!"

Sounds like a lot to do with bigotry and racism.

What does being an immigrant have to do with it?

Folks have to understand before when he migrated to canada,he is a normal person .let's try to have a cool mind to figure out here that he can be controled and even cured with medication. a few walk a day is good for sick people and we have experts to deal what is good for the patients,don't you think so ?

I really do not see what the "fuss" is all about.

Even prisons have outdoor grounds where the most heinous of criminals--even Paul Bernado--can probably hang around.

This guy isn't going to be let out to take long walks along the beach or a park. He's not going to be going to some shopping mall, either. He's not to be released on parole.

He is still institutionalized. This is not about letting him go free. Why is this so hard to grasp for some Canadians? Talk about making a mountain out of a molehilll.

Let's be rational, here. He is not getting walks outside the prison. Firstly, it's not a prison. Secondly, he's not gonna be strolling down Main Street while stopping to chat with the neighbours. He'll be walking on the hospital's property, supervised.

And for those of you who didn't care to read the entire article, it clearly states that these walks wouldn't commence until the facility's security measures were increases.

Lets start by comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Don't confuse a mentally ill person with a known disease, with a criminally insane person. Two different things entirely. Li did not premeditate the crime. It was a spur of the moment thing and he REALLY BELIEVED He WAS BEING THREATENED. Doesn't even come close to a sicko that lures people into their homes and then massacres them! You should read something more serious than the funny papers. Idiots like you are the reason laws exist. To protect the innocent. Sure he killed a man, but when he did, he was not in control of himself and was /is suffering from an illness that can be treated and that can let him live a normal life. The thing is, now that he is on treatment, he knows exactly what he did and is just as horrified as any of you are, and more so because he has to live with the FACT that he did it, it was not a dream, it was not a fantasy, it was real. Most of you really should read the whole article before you shoot off at the pie hole.

He is only allowed to be outside in a fenced area under supervision and not allowed to be at large with the public.
Mental illness is misunderstood. I DO NOT condone what Li did but caging him up in the dark is not the way to go.

"Today, a walk in the park; next year, at this time, perhaps a supervised stroll to the mall; the year following, an unsupervised visit to the local bus station, and on and on it goes in the interests of rehabilitating the unsound mind."


I love all these comments that are so sure that this man will be released in a year. All these comments that are complete and utter fantasy. Anybody who has one iota of interest in dealing with fact rather than ungrounded opinion will know that Mr Li will in all liklihood spend far more time in confinement than anybody who kills, not because of mental illness, but out of greed, or hatred or revenge. Mr Li will NOT be strolling the malls or the bus stations ever again.

They are NOT taking him for a stroll in the park today. They are simply taking him outside the building so he can get some sun and fresh air, and had you bothered to read the article, they are not doing it until they increase the security on the grounds. The ONLY reason Mr Li has not had these priveleges up until now, the exact same priveleges by the way that every scumbag murderer in the country from Paul Bernardo to Clifford Olsen get from their first day in prison, is because the prison he is in doesn't have a secure perimeter.

While there are hundreds of comments getting thousands of thumbs up that are dead certain Canada's penal system is so terribly broken, anyone who bothers to do a comparison with the rest of the world will realize in two minutes that our system works better than pretty near any country on the planet when it comes to crime rates and repeat offenders, and that it just keeps getting better every year. But by all means, focus on the exceptions rather than the norm. Facts just ruin the fun.

The amount of bigotry, hatred, and ignorance in most of these comments is breathtaking. It seems most of us still think it's okay to discriminate against and marginalize the mentally ill; I, for one, am sick to death of it. Try reading this pamphlet from the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, and then look back at your comments and see what you think about what you wrote.


I don't understand why people post such things as:

mountie: "Wonder if all the people that think Li is harmless as long as he takes his meds would be willing to have a nap next to the guy on a Greyhound Bus?"

Dirty Ernie: "Do you want this guy to be your neighbor? Do you want him living next to you, your kids, your wife, when he forgets to take his pills? He will be somebody's neighbor."

Tired of being taxed: " It will be a terrifying day when he's released in public and strolling our streets."

You see in all of the articles I have read regarding this case, not once has it said that Li will ever see the light of day. After all, someone with an illness which causes such severe outbreaks of violence will never be released from Selkirk. There is nothing wrong with allowing him supervised walks around the facility, since it will most likely be his home for the rest of his life.

Reading other comments saying that he should be held accountable for his actions, these commenters are clearly very ignorant in regards to mental illness. I personaly know someone with schizophrenia, and once they did have a mildly violent outburst toward someone before they recieved medication. The person they acted out against had no hard feelings afterwards as he realized during the occurance that this was not the same person. I unlike other ignorant posters can understand what it means to have such a mental illness.

I completely agree with you, although I am concerned he may be released at some point. It seems most people either lean to one extreme or the other, and both are very harmful. He cannot be held criminally responsible for his actions, and should be allowed supervised walks. However, he shouldn't be released ever, because he will always have that mental illness and he may become violent because of that mental illness. Not everyone with schizophrenia would do what he did. It's a very sad situation for all those involved. However, some people have this strange idea that schizophrenia can be cured, and therefore he should someday be allowed back into society. It can't, it can only be controlled, and even with medication it's not 100%. So although he should stay there forever, we have so many bleeding hearts running this country that may not be so. Bleeding hearts who also do not understand mental illness, only from the opposite point of view. They think that if he takes his meds he will magically be cured. It doesn't work that way, and although he should most definitely be allowed walks he should never be free. I have a very strong feeling he will one day be let free.

What's screwed up is that people would actually want someone to continue being sick. His mental illness was not being managed when he committed this act; yes he deserves to be held accountable, but he also deserves to be physically well. If someone had diabetes in prison should we not allow them to take their insulin? Mental health is a real issue, it's not something he was faking to get a lighter sentence. The victims family can rest assured that he will never be left alone ever again, which is prison in and of itself. What if it was your husband, son, brother, dad, uncle, friend- perspectives change.

If the family can't handle him walking outside they will never be free from what he did. They need to find forgiveness. This doesn't mean that they think it's right or that they don't miss their son. It means that they decide to stop dragging Li's actions around with them their entire lives and learn to live free. Tim doesn't have a choice of life or death. His family does.

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