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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vincent Li's rights, offend some

A review board has recommended Vince Li, who was found not criminally responsible for beheading a man on a Greyhound bus, be allowed short, supervised walks on hospital grounds. Some readers walked all over that idea.

"We have no way of knowing how he will respond." It hasn't even been two years, but they're letting him out on good behaviour
'Nuff said.
-- I. P. Daylee
Whatever. Let his rights trump ours. Soon it's going to just be easier to lock up the sane ones and leave the streets to everyone else.
-- ErikW
Setting aside the security issues and the insult to Tim McLean's family and the witnesses to Li's inhuman acts, this pandering to Li's human rights is going to cost taxpayers even more than his basic detention costs due to the apparent need to hire additional staff to accommodate the pandering. Our once-great nation is headed for its own national Armageddon thanks to political correctness gone utterly mad. Vox populi is no longer heard in the halls of power.
-- Gord R
This story should not be open for commentary. The advocates for Li are silent and those who are closed-minded and uneducated on matters of mental illness have control of the floor.
-- free82
I wrote a letter to the Selkirk Mental Health Centre to see if there's anything I can do to encourage the construction of a fence around the yard or a portion of it. I would encourage the rest of you to do the same. Whether you think a fence should be built to protect others from Li, or if you're thinking (as I am) that it shouldn't take two years and a review-board hearing for the guy to get some fresh air and that all patients at the facility should have access to a fenced yard, most of us are in agreement that Selkirk should have a secure outdoor area for patient use.
-- MissFae
Wouldn't it be nice if Tim McLean could have some outdoor recreation and fresh air? My sympathy goes to the family -- my disgust to the review board.
-- Something to say
(This is) like a lynch mob, if you ask me. Yes, write your politicians and trust that they will do what is right based on public opinion. Don't listen to the professionals or show any empathy whatsoever for the mentally ill. How many of you think that Hitler had the right answer?
-- Catalyst
What Mr. Li did was awful, really, really awful... however, that was not Mr. Li who did that -- it was his disease. I don't necessarily believe he should one day be released into the general population, but he should be allowed outside for a little while each day. For the rest of his life he will have to live with what he did and that in itself is quite the punishment.
-- Ihavefaith
If they have no way of knowing how he's going to respond, then how on earth could they ever have agreed to let him out? This is such a screwed-up justice system it's not even funny anymore. Canada should start learning from countries like China how they deal with criminals.
-- Tina

Vince Li deserves to be allowed outside. That is a human right. He is not a criminal and should not be treated worse than a prisoner. His actions were unintentional and out of his control and Li is a victim of his illness. The review board's decision should have been trusted and upheld. Those people are educated in the area of mental disorders. Swan had no right to overrule the review board's professional decision, as he said so himself in a previous interview. He broke the law. Clearly Li poses little to no risk to the public by being allowed to go outside, supervised. He is on medication and is in a completely different and improved mental state than he was two years ago. He is not dangerous and will not escape. 

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