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Friday, July 16, 2010

Abolish the Death Penalty Worldwide!

I believe in the abolition of the death penalty worldwide! Here are some petitions you can sign, to support the cause! Also take part on 10/10/10 for the World Day Against the Death Penalty around the world!

To:  All Government Officials
We oppose capital punishment and the U.S. application of it. The United States is the only Western democracy that still uses the death penalty. It is one of only two nations in the world (Iran is the other) to execute juveniles. The death penalty is racist, economically biased, ineffective, expensive, and immoral. Great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have tried to lead this country away from violence; in signing below, we affirm that we too call for nonviolent solutions to the problems of violence in our society.

Inhumane, immoral, unjust, racially biased, barbaric, uncivilized, cruel, torture, degrading, vengeful, ineffective, expensive, economically biased. 

The United States of America is slowly turning against capital punishment. Yet, 52 human beings have been executed in 2009. It needs to stop, on a federal level, and in all states where capital punishment is still in practice.
The death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state. This cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment is done in the name of "justice".
It violates the right to life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
In December 2007 and 2008 the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted resolutions 62/149 and 63/168, calling for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty. The United States of America voted against.
Together we can abolish the death penalty!
I would like to thank the following organizations and activists for their support:
- The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty 
- Journey of Hope... From Violence to Healing
- Kids against the Death Penalty
- Sister Helen Prejean
- Students against the Death Penalty
- Texas Moratorium Network
- Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty
- Execution Chronicles
- Coalition for Truth and Justice
- World Coalition Against the Death Penalty
- Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort
- Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
- Death Penalty Action Network
- Puerto Rico Coalition Against the Death Penalty
- Asia Pacific Youth Network
- Youth Activists in Thailand
- Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty
- Australia Coalition Against the Death Penalty
- Voices for Death Row Inmates
- Alameda County Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
- Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
- Death Penalty Focus
- Los Angeles County Coalition for Death Penalty Alternatives
- People of Faith Against the Death Penalty
- various Amnesty International groups
- and thousands of abolitionists worldwide.

Sign now and help stop the death penalty! The death penality is not an answer. Murder is wrong, but the death penalty does not make that wrong, right. It is ethically, morally, and even economically wrong. The death penalty should be revoked because:
  • It is too quick and doesn't allow for serious reflection on the life taken from this world.
  • There is a clear possibility that innocent men can be convicted and then sentenced to death.
  • Thirdly, it is far more costly to process the multitude of appeals prior to execution than it is to support the prisoner for life.
  • Finally, killing, by an individual or a state or a nation is still murder.
Stop the death penalty today!
Two wrongs do not make a right!

We all acknowledge that murder is wrong and those that perpetrate such a crime should be punished. However, they should not be killed. By killing a killer, you do very little to redress the original crime. The crime has still happened and the family of the victim must still go on with their lives without their loved one.

The death penalty should be revoked for three major reasons:
  • As a nation, that condemns murder, it is hypocritical to then use execution as a just punishment. A nation should condemn murder, by all individuals and entities. A just nation should not use execution as a punishment.
  • Secondly, the sentence of Life imprisonment without parole would be more appropriate punishment to murder. Only in this way, would a person have years of prison life to reflect on the life that was taken from this world. Death, frees them of this worldly punishment too quickly. It is sometimes argued that the fear of execition puts the fear of God in prisoners. BUT that is not enough we should put the fear of their fellow man in them too. Let them know we will not stand for their actions and that they will lose their life freedoms in exchange for life in prison.
  • Thirdly, there are enough instances within the American judicial process in which innocent men have been convicted that it is clearly wrong to take the chance of killing a man that may be innocent. Only with life in prison will innocent men have the chance to prove the evidence against them is flawed.
  • Finally, the cost to the USA via the appeal process is far greater than the cost of supporting people serving life sentences in prison. The cost of processing, and appealing a death penalty is far greater that execution, so much so, that it is economically wiser to revoke the death penalty.

Please revoke the death penalty.


The Undersigned. 

I believe that the death penalty is inhumane, ineffective, vengeful, racially biased and immoral. Justice is not advanced in the taking of a human life. The death penalty completely denies the possibility and opportunity for rehabilitation and self-improvement. The government executing criminals, is pre-meditated and cold blooded murder. Killing is wrong, whether it is done by an individual or performed by the state. Killing murderers does not demonstrate to society that killing is wrong. In fact, it condones it, and we see evidence of that in the murder rates of states with the death penalty. We must end state-sanctioned killing!

The death penalty is inhumane, vengeful, cruel, immoral and uncivilized. It is also extremely racially and economically biased. It must be abolished worldwide! 

The United States is the only capitalist, economically powerful, and industrial country that still uses execution as punishment of the convicted. Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and other countries most similar to ours all have deemed the death penalty as cruel and unusual. The U.S. signed the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights (1948), but continues to use the death penalty even though it goes against several of the rights by using the death penalty.

The death penalty also perpetuates institutionalized racism in a most brutal fashion. Consider this beyond the fact that approximately 80% of the people on death row are black. Consider this beyond the fact that several studies have shown that a black person is about four times more likely to be given the death sentence and the majority of the cases that have the death penalty as a possible punishment involve a black suspect and a white victim.

Consider the racism beyond the statistics. Our country is historically racist against black people, starting with slavery, the first building blocks of our country's economic success. Think of it this way: our country's only slaves since abolishment are prisoners. Prisoners are the only people denied their rights by the Constitution. Does this all not ring familiar? Recall the lynchings of black people in the South. At the time, the lynchings were not considered murders. Today, black people are the only demographic group that are executed for being charged with murder, the other crime being rape. The death penalty resonates with a modernized institutionalized racism based on these old notions.

We are college students. We are lucky to be in universities, pursuing studies and careers we are passionate about. At this time of life, we exist to enrich our minds. The country is going to look to us to be the next leaders because we will hold the tools. Utilize them well, give back to the community. We are blessed with this oppurtunity to expand our minds, let us expand others'. Take a stand and sign this petition. Let it tell people that you do care that there are injustices in our system that need to be fixed and alternatives that we can think of. Let this be an inspiration to take action yourself. Let the world know that we will not stand for the hypocritical, racist death penalty.

I support the abolition of the death penalty. It is inhumane, immoral, ineffective, cruel, racially biased, vengeful and uncivilized. It is unfairly applied. It must be abolished worldwide!

The universal declaration of human rights was signed after World War II, this letter, as indicated, referred to all humans and I would ask your excellency whether it is for
us mere mortals, we too are only human, to decide life or death to someone and take the life of another person?
How many more innocents have to die via the death penalty, because of justice mistakes? how many more sick people, according to doctors and scientists, will have to die as if they were just criminals and monsters? How much more panic and terror must exist elsewhere in the world while we have breakfast? How many more mothers whose only crime they committed was to have a child, will have to suffer, innocent as they are, the tremendous pain of losing their son or daughter on the
electric chair or letal injection or whatever horror may be? and innocent children lose their father for the death penalty, broken families and hurt by the State, by the government that does not give the good example? a state that does pay a crime with another crime? Until when the law of an eye for an eye? When will there be mercy and forgiveness for all human beings?
The only righteous judge is God! any effort made to restore justice in a murder case will not repair the loss (and in many cases without a single mistake alike in the past, and yet enough for such hard penalty to bare? Can you imagine yourself in their place? do that exercise...
There are many myths around the dissuasive effect of death penalty, and many other facts on it are also not considered.

-> In every country with death penalty, the crime rate is not inferior! so much for dissuasive effect...

-> The question is not on innocent/guilty issue, it is on not paying evil with evil! taking lives is allways a crime and a sin. Even the guilty ones have innocent mothers, children, brothers etc

-> The convicted with less economical means to pay a good defense: make justice unfair on rich versus poor inmates

-> The State is suppose to give the good example! not the eye for an eye logic.

-> scientists should be heard on what chemical unbalances in the brain / criminal minds.

�Cleaning up� a criminal from the �map� doesn`t prevent the appearence of another, and another, and another, because the bottom line the true cause of those choices in life, are not solved, socially.



THE ABOLITION OF THE DEATH PENALTY is the hallmark of civilized countries. Can't we all be civilized?

We the undersigned oppose capital punishment, the death penalty breaches human rights, is racially and economically biased, ineffective in deterring others from crime, expensive to tax-payers, and immoral. We assert that we too call for an abolition of the death penalty. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.
In signing this petition you are in agreement for your signature to be sent to the U.S congress for action to be taken against capital punishment. Show your support act now!

October 10 was the fourth World Day against the Death Penalty organized by Amnesty International.

You can click here to go to their page and get more extensive information.

The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.

It violates the right to life.

It is irrevocable and can be inflicted on the innocent. It has never been shown to deter crime more effectively than other punishments.

As an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights, Amnesty International (AI) works for an end to executions and the abolition of the death penalty everywhere.

The progress has been dramatic. When AI convened an International Conference on the Death Penalty in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1977, just 16 countries had abolished capital punishment for all crimes. Today the figure stands at 88.

Each year since 1997 the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has passed a resolution calling on countries that have not abolished the death penalty to establish a moratorium on executions. The latest resolution, adopted in April 2005, was co-sponsored by 81 UN member states, the highest number ever.

AI issues updated information and news of developments, and maintains a library of reports on the death penalty worldwide.

AI is a member of the World Coalition against the Death Penalty, a coalition that unites national and international human rights organizations, bar associations, trade unions and local and regional authorities in an effort to rid the world of the death penalty.

Take action against the death penalty

To:  Residents of Texas
To: Governor Rick Perry, the State Judiciary Committee, and all Texas State Legislators

We, the undersigned, troubled by the flawed judicial system, inadequate counsel, and unfair application of the death penalty in this state, ask for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in Texas.

The death penalty has not been proven to be a deterrent to crime. Statistics show that states that do not have the death penalty have a lower average murder rate than states that impose the death penalty.

The death penalty targets the poor that can only afford inexperienced and unprepared court appointed attorneys. In April, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voiced support for a moratorium on the death penalty in Maryland and criticized the inadequate funding available for those who represent poor people. “People who are well represented at trial do not get the death penalty,” said Ginsburg. “I have yet to see a death case among the dozens coming to the Supreme Court on the eve-of -execution stay applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial.” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor noted that “perhaps it’s time to look at minimum standards for appointed counsel in death cases and adequate compensation for appointed counsel when they are used.”

The option of life in prison without the possibility of parole is a better option for those convicted of capital murder and should be made available for juries to consider instead of the death penalty. Juries should also be instructed by judges that life in prison in Texas means a minimum of 40 years of incarceration. Parole is not automatic; the parole board does not have to grant parole when an inmate is eligible but has parole hearings to determine if an inmate is qualified to be released.

The death penalty only contributes to an ongoing cycle of violence, showing the youth of our state that state sponsored killing is justifiable.

The death penalty appeals process is flawed, allowing evidence to only be presented when "procedurally correct" and not when evidence becomes available. If the state habeas appeal has been filed it is almost impossible for any new factual evidence to be considered as a basis for a reversal or commutation of sentence.

The death penalty costs more than life in prison. A single death penalty case from arrest to execution ranges in cost from $1 million up to $7 million. Cases resulting in life imprisonment average around $500,000 each including incarceration.

The death penalty has been given to 101 innocent Americans since 1976 who were then exonerated from death row, out of a total convicted of 850, which is 1 in 8.3 or 12%. This is a statistical fact across the United States, so the statistical probability of Texas have an innocent person on death row is at 12%. These Americans lost a total of a minimum of 800 years of their lives while imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. In July 2001, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor said there were “serious questions” about whether the death penalty is fairly administered in the U.S. She stated, “ If statistics are any indication, the system may well be allowing some innocent defendants to be executed.”

The death penalty is applied to the mentally retarded and juveniles in the state of Texas, which is unequivocally prohibited by International law. The United States is the ONLY country that executes the mentally retarded.

The State of Texas and the United States as a whole is the only western democracy that continues to use the death penalty, linking us with countries like China, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan that also continue to use the death penalty.

We, the undersigned, are asking you as our Governor and State Representatives to Abolish The Death Penalty in Texas.

To:  The Islamic Republic of Iran
Increasingly, the Iranian government has utilized the death penalty to silence opposition to its political, social and cultural agenda. Over the past few years Iran has had the second highest number of reported executions than any other country in the world. In particular, Iranian government has contravened a multitude of its obligations both under the Iranian Constitution and under international law.

Amnesty International reports that 24 child offenders have been executed in Iran since 1990, 11 of whom were under 18 at the time of their execution. In most cases, the authorities waited until child offenders turned 18 before executing them. Moreover, it is reported that there are at least 71 child offenders who are currently under sentence of death in Iran.

Iran is also one of seven countries in the world that carry the death penalty for homosexual acts: all of them justify this punishment with Islamic law.

Lastly, Iran has used the death penalty to attack political opponents who use peaceful means in which to attack the government's human rights records.

The death penalty is the ultimate violation of the right to life. When used arbitrarily it is no different than state sanctioned murder. We ask that the Iranian government abolish the death penalty in any case so that the rights recognized under Iranian and international law are both respected and protected.

The Death Penalty:

Is a barbaric pratice that has survived from a less refined age.
It does not deter further crime.
It does not allow for errors of justice to be corected.
It is pre meditated murder.
It does not allow reformation of charactor to take place.

I could go on .. 

A petition to abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S.

Please abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S. We are supposed to be a land of forgiveness and freedom. What ever happened to the morals in our Great country? The Bible states, "Thou shall not kill." I can not find where it says ,except for government. We can not, and will not stand for the State sanctioned murder of anymore human beings.

Please find the compassion in your heart and souls to put an end to the heartbreak and suffering of all the families and friends of the victims on both sides.

Please abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S. We are supposed to be a land of forgiveness and freedom. What ever happened to the morals in our Great country? The Bible states, "Thou shall not kill." I can not find where it says except for government. We can not, and will not stand for the State sanctioned murder of anymore human beings. Please find the compassion in your heart and souls to put an end to the heartbreak and suffering of all the families and friends of the victims on both sides.

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