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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Man who lured teen with drugs and sexually assaulted her, sentenced to 2 years

A Winnipeg man who lured a 14-year-old girl into a house with a promise of drugs and then forced her to have sex with him has been sentenced to two years in prison.
Gilbert Genaille, 35, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of sexual interference.
Genaille agreed to admit his guilt in a plea bargain that saw him receive double credit for the one year he has already served awaiting sentencing. He remains in custody on other charges.
Crown attorney Wendy Friesen said the victim, a ward of Child and Family Services, was unlikely to testify had the case gone to trial.
“She described herself as too emotionally unstable to deal with this,” Friesen said.
“This is the best resolution of this matter ... I acknowledge the facts are horrible.”
Court heard Genaille and another man were outside a William Avenue house party, around 6 a.m., July 19, 2008, when the victim and a 15-year-old girl walked by. Genaille invited the girls inside to smoke some crack.
Genaille and the victim smoked crack together. The second girl declined the offer of drugs, left the house and called police.
Genaille and the victim were alone in the house when the girl said she wanted to leave.
“He said no, she had to stay and pay him for the crack she had smoked,” Friesen said.
The girl said no two times before submitting to Genaille’s demands for sex, Friesen said. Police arrived and found Genaille having sex with the girl in the basement.
Judge Tim Preston said Genaille exploited a vulnerable girl and called the incident “very serious.”
“This is the type of crime that would normally bring with it a sentence of some heft,” he said.
Preston sentenced Genaille to an additional 18 months supervised probation.

I disagree with 2 years prison time for this man. Most sex offenders have been abused themselves in childhood and suffer from brain chemical deficiencies as a result. I believe that sex offending is a form of mental disorder, for which one needs counseling and treatment for, not prison. Imprisonment is likely to worsen one's mental condition, with the negative environment, influences, subculture and overcrowding. I believe that sex offenders need help, not prison. This man should have been sentenced to a 2 year conditional sentence combined with probation and be required to participate in court-ordered sex offender counseling and programming in the community.

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