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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roderick Davie denied clemency

The state Parole Board recommended Thursday that Gov. Ted Strickland deny clemency for convicted murder Roderick Davie.
Davie is set to be executed next month for the murders of John Coleman and Tracy Jeffreys at the VCA Warehouse on Main Avenue in Warren on June 27, 1991. A third person was wounded and survived.
Davie had a hearing before the board last week on clemency, but he offered no testimony or defense. He is set to be executed Aug. 10.
Strickland can either reject the board's recommendation or uphold it.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Parole Board has rejected mercy for a condemned inmate who fatally shot two former co-workers and tried to kill a third.
The eight-member board voted unanimously Thursday to recommend that Gov. Ted Strickland deny clemency to Roderick Davie, scheduled to be executed next month.
The 38-year-old Davie was sentenced to die for the 1991 killings of John Coleman and Tracey Jeffreys, employees at a Warren distribution plant where Davie worked before being fired.
A third employee of the plant, William Everett, was shot by Davie but survived.
A clemency hearing is automatic in Ohio, but Davie did not request mercy or present any information to the board.
The panel cited the savagery of the crimes, the evidence that convicted Davie and his failure to request clemency.

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