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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stop the execution of Larry Wooten on October 21st in Texas!

Larry W. Wooten #999269
Polunsky Unit D.R.
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston -  Texas  77351
Hallo, how are you doing on this wonderful day?
My name is Mr. Larry W. Wooten. My age is 45 and birthday is December 10, 1958. I am a black man my height is 5 feet 5 inch tall. I am on death row. I have been on the row for 6 years. I would like to find a pen pal.
Would like to write to women colour do not matter. I do not have family. Help me in here. I hope I could find someone to talk to. I don’t want to write to a woman that is already writing to someone on death row. I am a down to earth person, open minded, love to love and would love to love a under woman. I am a Christian.
Thank you
Larry Wooten

August, 2004  
....It’s said that many strive to take all they can from life. That’s epitomized by my current circumstances in life. It’s also said that it’s best to give all to life. That’s epitomized by compassion, love and friendship. Giving the best I can to life is something I strive daily to achieve although I am confined within the “halls of death”. Because ones body is simply a visible part of one’s soul. A very small and insignificant aspect that’s merely able to reach so far in the complete realm of life, where we truly exist; Mind, spirit and soul is what should matter; sadly this isn’t apparent to those whom cage my body. However I realize that with compassion, love and friendship they will be awaken, just as I am. Once they are, they’ll understand why and how day after day and year after year I open my eyes in a steal and concrete world and smile. Something that may appear so simple is what has kept me going while facing great adversity. And it’s what I would love to share with the world. I would greatly love if you, whoever you are, would allow us to share this small but great aspect of life. This experience would be cherishable for the both of us… do you agree? If so, take a moment to write me and allow us the opportunity of our lifetime…
Thank you and be blessed!
Mr. Larry W. Wooten #999269
Polunsky Unit 3872
F.M. 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351

On September 3, 1996, Wooten murdered an 80-year-old man and his 86-year-old wife. Wooten stabbed the victims and cut their throats. Also, the woman was beaten with a pistol with such force that the grips and portions of the trigger mechanism of the pistol broke off. Wooten then robbed the couple of around $600 in cash. 

June 29, 2010
Convicted killer Larry Wayne Wooten has been scheduled for execution Thursday, Oct. 21, for the deaths of an elderly Paris couple.

Wooten is scheduled to die sometime after 6 p.m. Oct. 21 at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division in Huntsville.

Wooten has been on death row since 1998 and has been denied throughout the appeals process, the latest denial coming in the federal court in Houston, where Wooten had appealed on the claim he would not have turned down a plea bargain if he had known about additional DNA evidence that didn’t become available until late in his trial.

Wooten was convicted of the double slaying 13 years ago.

The late DNA evidence strengthened the case against Wooten, and a Lamar County jury convicted him of the 1996 murders of 80-year-old Grady Alexander and his 86-year-old wife, Bessie. Both were beaten, stabbed, had their throats cut and were robbed of approximately $500.

Troy Alexander discovered the bodies of his elderly parents in their Paris home in 1996.

Wooten had done odd jobs for the Alexanders. His blood was found at the crime scene, and a pair of his pants with Grady Alexander’s blood was found near an area where Wooten had bought drugs shortly after the murders occurred.

Wooten was convicted in May 1998. That conviction and sentence were affirmed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in January 2002, and his petition to the Supreme Court of the United States for a writ of certiorari was denied in October 2002.

In January 2004, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed all of Wooten’s claims for relief except one in which he claimed he could not be executed because he was mentally retarded.

That claim was returned to the trial court, where Wooten was determined not to be mentally retarded.

Wooten then made 15 claims, from failure to provide discovery of scientific evidence against him in a timely manner to a claim his execution would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

The appeals court denied five of his claims on the merits and 10 others with prejudice because those claims were “procedurally defaulted” in state court and are therefore barred from federal review.

The order setting execution for Wooten was signed Monday by 6th District Judge Eric Clifford.

Former Lamar County Attorney Kerrye Ashmore, who prosecuted Wooten, then carried the death warrant to Lamar County Sheriff B.J. McCoy, whose department must then serve Wooten with the death warrant on Texas Death Row in Huntsville.

Greetings Governor Perry,
I am writing to you to express my concerns regarding the execution scheduled for Larry Wooten on October 21st. I believe that the death penalty is ineffective and fails to solve or accomplish anything positive. It does not promote healing or restore peace to the victims' family and only creates more innocent victims. The death penalty is inhumane, uncivilized, racially biased and vengeful. Justice is not advanced in the taking of a human life. That is revenge. The death penalty also completely denies the possibility and opportunity for rehabilitation and self-improvement. Prison could accomplish public safety, yet still allow for improvement. Therefore, I strongly urge you to consider commuting the death sentence of Larry Wooten to life imprisonment. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 


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