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Monday, November 22, 2010

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Hello followers! Sorry I have not posted in forever! University is extremely busy this year and I am unable to keep up with my blog, and Facebook and Twitter updates. If you wish to continue following my opinions about criminal justice issues, for the time being, PLEASE feel free to add me on Facebook: 

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  1. I saw your vote about earned parole. If you ever want an idea for a paper, you might want to look into something that existed in the past. It was called "Performance Notices" and an individual could earn a good one or a bad one. If they earned three good ones, they'd earn a day towards release. Earn three bad P.N.'s and they'd lose a day. Many people saw this as a more effective system then the one in place now, as the reward or punishment was instant. There was an incentive to do a good job, etc. There was a list of items an individual could receive a bad PN for. This system went out when the CCRA came into being. (Crim. Major a million years ago).