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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bail denied for man accused in deadly fall

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg man accused of dropping his girlfriend to her death out an 11th-floor apartment window will remain behind bars until he goes on trial.

Mario Trunzo, 47, wanted to get out of jail so he could go live with his elderly parents and start working a local trucking job. But Queen’s Bench Justice Brenda Keyser refused, saying the risk was too high.

Trunzo has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and has been in custody since his arrest on Jan. 30, 2009.

Alinda Lahteenmaki, 23, died instantly after plunging from the Manitoba Housing apartment block at 375 Assiniboine Ave.  The Crown claims Trunzo and Lahteenmaki got into a heated argument following a night of drinking and doing drugs. He allegedly pushed her towards the open window, picked her up and dangled her over the edge.
One witness claims Lahteenmaki screamed for help and yelled "Don’t let go." Trunzo allegedly told her "Die b----h" before dropping her.

Trunzo denies the allegations and claims Lahteenmaki threw herself out the window to commit suicide. Defence lawyer Darren Sawchuk told court she had made comments earlier in the night about killing herself in such a fashion and even wrote a suicide note that was seized by police.

Trunzo is set to begin his preliminary hearing on Sept. 27. None of the allegations have been proven and he is presumed innocent.

This article is good for the most part but I am left wondering what factors led the Judge to believe that he was too high a risk...? This information should have been included. 

Without it, I cannot make an informed decision one way or the other about whether I believe this was the right or wrong decision to deny him bail.  

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