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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Murder suspect was held in prison and denied bail

The man accused of killing a Winnipeg father last weekend was released from jail in January after the Crown stayed domestic assault charges against him.
Darren James Hall, 23, was arrested Saturday and charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of 44-year-old Garth Isfeld, who was killed during a party at his North Kildonan home early Saturday morning.
According to court documents, Hall was being held on charges of assault with a weapon at Milner Ridge Correctional Centre until he had the charge stayed Jan. 19. The charge relates to an incident that occurred Nov. 19 at his girlfriend’s home on Maryland Street.
According to the transcript of a bail hearing that occurred shortly after the incident, Hall — who was on probation for a previous charge at the time — apparently arrived at the home around 2 a.m. to learn his brother had allegedly kissed his girlfriend, whom he’d been dating about two months. The Crown alleged at the time that Hall pushed, grabbed, punched, and kicked her and slapped her across the face with a 15-inch plastic shoehorn. The Crown alleged the attack lasted four hours.
Hall was denied bail — the judge cited his history of disobeying court orders — and was set to go to trial on the charges April 28.
However, in mid-January, his girlfriend filed a hand-written letter recanting her story, claiming she and Hall had consumed so much alcohol and so many drugs that night “we weren’t ourselfs (sic).”
A spokeswoman for Manitoba Justice said the Crown dropped the charges shortly thereafter because “there was insufficient evidence to make conviction a likelihood” but did not provide any further detail.

So what did the defence allege? This article is biased as it only mentions the Crown's allegations which makes it assume that this man is guilty. People seem to forget about innocent until proven guilty. 

I do agree with the decision of denying bail though, as he has a record of disobeying court orders. 

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