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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Save Jermont Cox from execution!

Hello Friend, July 11, 2004
My name is Jermont Cox, I am 32yr.old male from Philadelphia Pa..I am currently housed on Pa. Death Row I have been in prison now for 11½yrs.. It's lonely here I must say. Being raised in a family of 17 women me being the only male I am used to a certain amount of attention. Not spoiled attention. I' m use to being in a world of real emotions where I was taught to be a man that a man has real emotions.
When I was sentenced to death (I am also serving two life sentences) I lost my emotions and also lost myself. So I sat in this new world trying to find life again having no idea how to do so. I struggled really bad, with all my emotions deep inside.
Finally, I found away to release these real feelings and emotions I had I found this inner voice, and God gave me strenght.With that I started to write prose type poetry without realizing the style it was, because all I ever did was read poetry never knowing I had my own voice.
I have kept my family away from this madness. I have never been a burden to them only a provider, and strength at time.
Growing up in my family, I learned early on that they live by the term "tough love".
No question they loved one another and if you were an out sider trying to invade and not invited then those when would come together like bees to honey. :): ) But with each other it wasn't that way. Today it remains the same they are all spread with same type of hate towards the next. It hurts because being here I have no contact with anyone. And have lost many to death.
There was this quote from a movie called "Finding Forester" I can not remember it word for word, it goes something like this. In Brief: " sometime when family is not there, then we must go outside the family and in that journey create new family. " It went something like that. 
I seek family in you. If your are interested in writting to me please do at the below address. I look forward to hearing from you. GOD BLESS US ALL.

CCADP- Jermont Cox
Jermont Cox born April 29th, 1971 in Philadelphia, PA, at Philadelphia General Hospital.
Born to Genesis Ruth Cox and Ralph W. Smith.  His sister Jerminda Cox was born
August 22nd, 1972.
They were raised under the strict umbrella of their mothers love.  She installed in them
to respect, love, and be honest.  Through the toughest times of her life she always made
sure her children had, that way they would learn to live and be content with what they
had in life.  Never feeling the need to want.
She raised them in the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith  at 22nd
and Bainbridge St., (South Philly). Thats the church she was raised in after coming to
South Philadelphia from Greenville NC, with her mother Mabel R. Cox, sister Stella
Marie Cox, and two brothers William (June) Cox, and Raymond Alton Cox.
Jermont Cox was baptized at age 10, and remained a part of the church for many years afterwards.
Teenage years fast approached and as all teenagers it was his time to seek out what life
was all about.  To stand up and face the big scary world.
Jermont has always been a very ambitious young man.  He was always eager to learn
many different trades, and since his mother was not in a position to send him to a trade
school, all he learned was hands on.  Never afraid to get his hands dirty.  He used to work
with some of the guys from the church, or from the neighborhood...Plumbing, electrical,
painting, masonry, etc, all that he learned came in handy around the house, saved mom
a few dollars also.
In 1985 Jermont signed up for a summer job course at the Harambee Institute.  It taught him how to approach the job he wanted in life.  To fill out a job application, money management, about the w-2 Forms, and so much more.  Basically it was to prepare him for the work world.  Later that summer he got a job at the YMCA located on 52nd Street &  Chestnut Street as a janitor, earning 25.00 dollars a week.
As time went on things got a little trendier.  Mom was not able to keep up for both children.  That would be his last year of school (1986).
While sitting around trying to decide what he wanted to do with himself, his mother came
to him and said, "Okay!  You don't want to go to school, you are not going to sit around.
Your father is not a lazy man and you are not going to be one either."  That was all the
motivation this young man needed.  Right away Jermont went and got a job as a
dishwasher in West Chester PA.
Jermont Cox's work history as recorded by the IRS started in 1986 and ended in 1993.
Things did not stay upbeat for this man and his family the whole way through.  Drugs
came into his household and destroyed the stability that was once there.
Mid 1988 he stopped working, started hanging out, and got caught up in drugs (dealing
and doing) it didn't last long.  By years end Jermont was in the Youth Study Center.
He spent the rest of 1988 there, and brought in 1989 there also....Mid 1989 this young
man was back at work, and he remained in that element until January 14th, 1993 the
day of his arrest.
Jermont Cox is now 30 years of age, sitting on Pennsylvania Death Row.
Jermont Cox is an innocent man!
The Philadelphia District Attorneys Office and Homicide Detectives, falsified documentation and tampered with the jury to convict this man of crimes he did not commit.
Jermont is a prose poetry writer,  a skill he developed as an outlet for feelings and
emotions that a man is not supposed to show in prison.
                            Information provided by the supporters of Jermont Cox

            Sponsored by:             Berachah Word Fellowship of Philadelphia.
How you can help one fight two causes that may help save a life!
There is a major problem that has plagued women and men of American... "breast and prostate cancer."   These deadly diseases continue to grow causing deaths all across the nation.
In March 1996, a very strong, independent, beautiful woman lost her life to the deadly disease of cancer.   Stella Marie Cox. She was born in Greenville,N.C. raised in Philadelphia,Pa., brought up in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apolstolic Faith.    By the time Stella realized her illness, the cancer had spread and situation was terminal.
In June 1997 a strong, very laid back, quiet spoken man lost his life to cancer.  Ralph W. Smith... He was born in Plymthmouth. W.Va., moved to Philadelphia,Pa., right before the Vietnam War. His only mistake in life was trusting a country that demonstrated to him after the war that they did not care about him.   Ralph W. Smith brought home a illness that haunted him until death.
Ralph W. Smith is Jermont's father, and Stella Marie Cox is his aunt... Prior to Stella's death, Jermont had not seen his aunt since 1992, and was not informed of her fight until one month before her passing.
On January 14,1993, that morning Jermont Cox had breakfast with his father, and discussed starting a business together. Later that morning Jermont was arrested and that was the last time he saw his father.   Ralph moved to Martinsburg, W.Va. to seek help in Veteran's Hospital, and to help provide for his son. June 16,1997 Jermont called his father only to hear that he had passed away.
Jermont Cox is 28 years of age sitting on Pennsylvania Death Row, he has been incarcerated since age 21...
Jermont Cox is fighting for his freedom, but he also wants to help fight this deadly disease of cancer, that continues to take away the people he loves.   Mr. Cox needs the support from unbiased citizens of the productive society that he was taken away from, due to bad incompetent legal respesentation.   Philadelphia County leads all other counties in giving out the Death Penalty.   The reason being, Philadelphia does not appoint competent attorneys that give their clients 100% representation as they would a client who has privately retained them.  Philadelphia uses the Death Penalty as a barganing tool, thinking that if the accused hears that he may receive death, then he may accept a plea of something less. In a case where the accused is actually guilty then such a plea falls right into place, and the lawyer has nothing to do.   In a case where the accused is innocent, it is the lawyers duty to provide him with the best possible defense.   That means going outside the court room for private investigators and any other expert witness he may need.   Although Philadelphia County has a history of not providing such funds to court appointed attorneys, it is still the lawyers duty to seek them.
Jermont Cox is not convicted of committing the actual act of murder.. He was coerced into giving a false statement to Detectives about another man they believed did the murder, but Jermont also had to implicate himself.  The only thing true in his statement was the street the crime took place on, none of the other facts leading up to the murder are true.  Why?  Jermont Cox was not involved!   There are three witness that could have proved his innocence, but the trial attorney did not call them.  Mr. Cox was manipulated into giving a false statement, and because of that statement he was charged with murder.   At trial that statement was the only evidence against Mr. Cox.   Now had Jermont falsely testified against the man the Detectives believed did the crime, Jermont Cox would have never went to trial.
The D.A. along with inside help from one of the jurors was able to manipulate (11) eleven other jurors that Jermont Cox should go to Death Row for the actions of another man.   One of the jurors son was killed, and the same Judge, Detective, and D.A. office that now sought to put Mr. Cox on Death Row now, help convict the man accused of killing her son.   This juror shared a certain special kind of relationship with all the prosecuting parties involved, and therefore should not have been sitting as a juror.
The Judge refused to remove her, and the D.A. fought to keep. "Had any juror known Mr. Cox, his family or a friend, they would have been removed immediately".   The man believed to have committed the crime is home ... There was no evidence to arrest to bring him to trial.   The Detective was relying on Mr. Cox's false statement. Justice was not blind during Mr. Cox's trial and for that reason a innocent man sits on Death Row.
Jermont, having no criminal adult record and only two convictions as a juvenile for receiving stolen property and drugs. But instead a work history from 1986 until his January 14,1993 arrest, maintained his innocence from "day one".  Mr. Cox needed a competent attorney in order to prove this.   On the day of Mr. Cox's arrest he was at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Medical Center he had taken his then one year old son, Jermont Nydrisse Cox, for his regular check-up, at which time his son was removed from his arms and handcuffs placed on.
He has not seen his son in (6 1/2) six and a half years, because he cannot give him the love that a father should give to his son from behind a glass wall.  Mr. Cox loves his son dearly.  He tried to assist doctors when little Mont-Mont was born, and played a major part durning the time they were together.   Jermont needs your help to resume  such a relationship before it's too late.
Jermont has two reasons for this letter: 1) He needs an attorney for future appeals, that will work him.   2) In memory of his Aunt Stella and father Ralph, he wants to help fight cancer (breast and prostate), before this ugly disease takes away another loved one.
From all donations Jermont Cox receives for his Defense Fund, 5% will be donated to the American Cancer Society.   If you would like to help support two worthy causes, one, to get life back, and two, hopefully to save a life..
PLEASE SEND Donations, Postal Money order (no cash) Payable to:
Jermont Cox CE-8242
Death Row
175 Progress Ave
Waynesburg ,Pa. 15370-8090
Jermont Cox Defense Fund
c/o Elder Gregory T. Dixon
P.O Box 9903
Philadelphia ,Pa. 19118-0903
Jermont Cox is 28 years of age, a black male child born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.   Currently on death row, seeking correspondents from unbiased persons from the productive society that he was taken away from.
Jermont has a son, Jermont Nydrisse Cox . . . On the day of his arrest Jermont's son was removed from his arms and the handcuffs placed on, while still at the Children's Hospital.   (Son's monthly check-up)  His son was one year young at the time.  Throughout Jermont's young adult life, he was able to hold down a job.  From 1986-1992 (Starting at age 15) he worked in the restaurant industry.  Starting off as a dishwasher, working his way up to cook.  Moving to a nursing home job,  expanded his experience.

In the most recent years there has been a lot of talk and action about the Death Penalty.  Innocence Projects have jumped up
all over the states, but those projects only involve cases that deal with DNA evidence, and other cases are pushed aside, and
to some degree it is made to look as if those are the only innocent people on Death Row. (DNA cases) In Pennsylvania there has been little to no talk about the INJUSTICE OF THE DEATH PENALTY…The only time you here about a claim of
Actual Innocence in PA. is when Mumia Abul Jamals people speak, and it appears that he is the only man on Death Row and the only man that is Innocent…..

I’m an innocent man on PA Death Row and have the evidence sitting right beside me, to prove it.  Due to continued bad representation I cannot get heard in the courts, when I filed pro se (my own claims of innocents), the courts give me some attorney working with the DA’s office or married to a top DA who has put a large number of men on Death Row.  My claims are never filed and never heard.  Then when I go to the next stage they say “you did not present these claims to the lower
court so we cannot hear them…

I am closing in on my last appeals, I have already had two Death Warrants, and the next will be my last if I’m not heard.

If I was in Illinois I would be home taking care of my family and reuniting with my son.

In Jan. 1993, I was arrested under warrant for a separate matter, not the subject on this Cry For Help.  After being
questioned for that matter, I was then questioned about two murders that took place in Aug. 1992, and Nov. 1992.  The
reason I was questioned about said crimes was b/c two suspects in the latter two murders, one man I grew up with…

When questioned about these crimes I gave statements to police denying my involvement in the crimes, but gave information
that I knew of said crimes.  The Aug. 1992 case I provided an alibi for the day of the crime.  The Nov. 1992 case I did not,
and gave info about the last time myself and this ex-friend were together.  It was Nov. ’92 sometime before Thanksgiving, we were hanging out drinking beer and smoking weed, it was down by the railroad tracks near the zoo.  We were in a blue car.

When I was taken down stairs to be arraigned on the original matter I was informed that I was being charged with the Nov. 1992 murder.  It would not be until Feb. 1992 that I learned why I was charged with that murder.  My statement had now
read that I was the driver when that crime took place. The Phila. Daily News paper printed that I had been arrested for said murder, and my original crime, and that I had given a statement against the persons believed to have committed the crime. 
My life was put in danger, and I began defending my life.  I was being held at the Holmesburg Prison.  A prison once
described as Hell itself!  This was/is my first time in prison of any sort.  I only knew one man in the entire prison at that time.

My attorney at the time was representing a man in the Phila. Mafia family.  I turned to him for help, trying to get out of prison
b/c after the last attempt on my life; prison officials put me in protective custody.  That didn’t help.  I call my attorney for help
he puts me in contact with the police and said “I should think about helping them and taking a deal.”  On April 29, 1993 my 22nd birthday, two homicide detectives came to the Holmesburg Prison and escorted me to the police headquarters.  At
which time explain they knew of my situation and was willing to help me, but I had to give another statement for the Aug. ’92 murder saying I saw it happen, and was part of it, in order to make it stick against these other people.  In return for the false statement which I gave, I was given a private visit at police headquarters with my ex-girlfriend.  Then I was later moved to another prison.  Before leaving police HQ. That day I was charged with the Aug. ’92 murder.  So now I have two statements concerning the Aug. ’92 murder.

On Oct. 27, 1993 I went to trial for the original matter that lasted one day and I was found guilty and sentenced to Life in prison.  Still representing me is this attorney whose focus is with the mafia client who is paying him major money.  For the
record after I was convicted of the original matter, that mafia figure was the only man out of his associates that went home…

Since I have the life sentence I was taken to a state prison, I had no contact with this attorney at all.  On Nov.14 or 15, ’93 I was returned to court and it was told by my attorney, the DA and Judge that it was time to go to trial for the Aug. ’92 and
Nov. ’92 murders, that we would start picking the jury that day.  I need to point something out, when I went to trial for the
first case it was an ambush also b/c when I walked into the courtroom I was told it was time for trial.  I had no family there at

In Nov. ’92 I am before this Judge telling him I don’t want this attorney, he just got me a life sentence that I have not fully recovered from and now I walk into this court with no notice.  The Judge, Latrone Davis, a Hang ‘em High Judge was not hearing me.  Then the DA said he had a deal, if I was to plead guilty to two life sentences and testify against these other
people, I would be spared the Death Penalty.  I plead guilty, with no intention of allowing them to stay or testifying.  I needed
to get rid of this attorney.  As long as I withdrew the guilty pleas within 10 days I could have them removed.  I did so, and
was able to get rid of my attorney based on wrong advice.

In April ’95 I went to trial for the Aug. and Nov. ’92 murders. The new attorney is the same in-action as the first one.  She
was an alcoholic.  She was able to get a statement from the alibi witnesses; it was never heard in court.  Not to get too far ahead,  The motive for the crimes was a contract put out by a crime boss against two men who took his car at gun point, and also robbed his drug house.  I was the alleged driver, and another was the shooter.

THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANYONE ELSE ARRESTED FOR THESE CRIMES, I AM THE ONLY PERSON IN PRISON FOR THESE TWO CRIMES!  The trials were put together b/c they said both men were killed for the same
reason, and part of the overall conspiracy.  At trial the only evidence against me was the alleged statements that were
deemed incriminating enough to take me to trial.

At the beginning of trial, the DA told the jury, “Mr. Cox is not the shooter, in these crimes, this we know.”  When the witness took the stand and gave his testimony against two men that were not there, and asked if he knew me he stated “NO”!!! All
the testimony was against two men that were not on trial!!!

My statements were read into the record as the evidence that demonstrated my guilt.  That was it!!

I need to point something else out that is going to show my injustice trial.  A couple years before my trial, a young man was killed.  The woman, whose son it was sat on my jury.  No big deal.  The very same Judge that was now presiding over my
trial was the same Judge the helped convict the man who killed her son, the same DA’s office and the same detectives.  We asked for her to be removed, that request was denied!  THE POOR MAN’S DEFENSE!!

The law states that “It is not up to the Defendant to prove his innocence, but the DA must prove his guilt.  Which means the Defendant does no have to put on any evidence.  100% of the men here never put on a defense because of this Law that all attorneys take full advantage of, they don’t have to do anything but cross-examine the DA’s witnesses to prove innocence.

My attorney had in her possession all the evidence she needed to demonstrate I was not involved with these crimes.

For the Aug. ’92 case she had, first the alibi statement, she filed a notice of alibi defense but called no one.  She also had the first statement which stated I was not involved.  She had the protective custody order from the prison, the police had already testified that they came to get me and was aware of some problems, but could not recall the visit from my girlfriend, (sign in records could prove the visit took place, the attorney never requested them) but was aware I was moved to another prison
that I would just like to point out, had the police not created the statement and was real about seeking the truth, had they investigated the statement they would have seen it was false and could not arrest me on it.  The statement said: that sometime before Thanksgiving ’92 myself and another male sat at the corner of 34th and Brandywine in Phila.  We observed the
deceased and a young lady come out of the house, at which time the other male informed me that the deceased was one of
the guys who took the other males car, and we were there to hit him.  He then pulled a gun from under the car seat.  We then followed the car to 34th and Powelton Ave., at which time the murder took place, killing the male.  As stated early on the statement also said we were in a blue car.  After the murder the statement said I  r/c $500.00 for my participation in the
murder.  The evidence not presented…

Two women friends of the deceased gave statements; one of the women was the one in the car at the time the crime took place.  They stated “On the night of their murder the deceased was at 38th and Reno St. from 7pm up until the time of death and nowhere near 34th and Brandywine b/c he was with them.  That when he left the house it was the house on 38th and
Reno, not Brandywine.”  The other key piece of evidence an eye witness to the crime, a male that stated, him and another
were coming down the street and observed two WHITE CARS that appeared to be racing, coming down the street right at him.  One white car, the Chevy Nova opened fire on the other car, and it crashed right in front of him.  NOT A BLUE CAR.

These witnesses were never called.

I have had no success in getting any of this missing evidence into court; I have my pro se filings where I have tried.  I am not being heard.

I feel if I can get the proper assistance in bringing my plea public then maybe I can be heard by the courts and finally freed
from this nightmare.

I have nothing to hide so if you can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me ASAP, time is running out.

Jermont Cox CE-8242
175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, PA  15370-8090


Note:  any error that I can demonstrate by the Judge or Prosecutors overturns two convictions and that is why they are not allowing me to be heard.  There are more errors that show the unfair trial I received, but I did not want to confuse any of the above, because when you hear the rest the question will be-HOW DID THE JURY KNOW WHAT THEY WERE HEARING OR IF THEY LISTENED OR CONVICTED BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION OF PRIOR GUILT, OR BECAUSE THE JURY WAS TAMPERED WITH!    

Nickname: Mont
Age: 37
DOB: 04/29/1971
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 195
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair Color: Black
Race: Black
Custody Date: 01/14/1993
Offences: 1st Degree Murder (3 Counts)
Sentence: 2 Life and Death Sentence
Projected Release Date: Life / Death

Page Listed: 07/09/2004
Page Updated: 10/01/2007

Seeking: Open To All

Hobbies: I enjoy Writing, Interesting People, Writing Poetry, Music, Dancing, Art, Reality TV Junkie, Home Improvement, Gardening, and some Sports.
Dreams and/or Wishes: To have my book published. . .To be free, in love, to smell the night air, and to sit in a hot tub of bath water.  To be able to provide for my family.
A bit about yourself you'd like the pen pals to know: I love life, and have not allowed this situation to take that.  I have a good heart, and a wicked sense of humour.  I have attached two poems out of my manuscript.  I hope you enjoy your journey.  Let's Journey together. . .Don't let the mail pass.  I'll be waiting.

A Mans Heart
A mans heart,
Beats a million beats.
Each beat represents a part of him. . .
Family, Success, Failing, Overcoming, and Living. . .
It's understanding, it's compassion.
Surrounded by a hardcore exterior. . .Protection.
Get close; It takes time.
Do you hear the tears falling?
Crying out for Love, for you.
Step in close, reach out and touch,
A Mans Heart!
That is a smile not a frown.
Soft and tender. . .Sweet and Beautiful. . .
A Mans Heart!

Mixed Emotions
Sympathy I don't need, empathy I don't want!
I'd rather die lonely, then to have someone feel sorry, and love out of pity.
I haven't expected anything from anyone, not even love, because those are the rules.
Once they put the cuffs on all bets are off.

I trust no one, and if I can't read there lips, there words are just sound,
And if I can't see there eyes, and see my reflection.
How can I trust eyes with no soul?

What I write at this moment is not from my heart, my heart is my own.
It's not my emotions, because they are my own.
I write based on mixed feelings I'm having.

I understand more than they know, I see way beyond a brick wall or fence. 
I hear what is not spoken, and read between the lines to find the truth.
I enjoy to live, and let go to avoid death. . .
They say the biggest lie ever told is of friendship, and love.

I only trust what I feel.
I really don't know how to end this, but I know I must.
This is our worst enemy, because we waste so much of it.
And we play with life as if it's Russian roulette.
I have no more life to waste, and I'm afraid to give love,
But I have much to give.

Hidden tears. . .
Under the cover of night I hide my face,
To avoid me seeing me, as emotions touch down.
I cry in silence, trying not to make a sound.
I am hurting deep inside.

I have no comfort, I am all alone.
My cry wants to be heard, but I am ashamed and embarrassed,
Of these tears I shed.

This man should NOT be executed!! He was convicted of three murders, but only committed one of them. He received two life sentences and a death sentence. He did kill one man, but he claims it was self-defense. He was not involved at all in the other two murders. The DA submitted a questionable statement (confession) at trial. The facts that Cox gave police did not match the timeline and events of the murder so the DA changed the facts to make it match. For the second murder he was wrongly accused of, his statement was given under duress. He falsely confessed that he drove the getaway car and that he saw another person kill the victim, when he initially said that he was not involved, in exchange for a private visit with his girlfriend. Protest this man's execution which is scheduled for July 22, 2010 in Pennsylvania!!

Protest the execution of 32 year old Jermont Cox in Pennsylvania, scheduled for July 22, 2010!! This man was convicted for 3 murders, but only admitted to committing one of them, acting in self-defense! The DA changed his initial statement of non-involvement to make the facts match with the timeline and events of the murder! For the other murder, he gave a false statement under duress to driving the getaway car away from the murder, in exchange for a private visit with his girlfriend. The DP is unjust and inhumane! Take Action Now!!

Jermont Cox CE-8242
Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426-0244 

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