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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Protest the execution of Jermont Cox!!

Jermont is on death row for a crime he did not commit. 
Jermont Cox was born April 29, 1971 in Philadelphia, PA, at Philadelphia General Hospital.
They were raised under the strict umbrella of their mother's love.  She installed in them to respect , love and  honesty.  through the toughest  times of her life, she always made sure her children had, that way they would learn to live and be content with what they had in life.  Never feeling a need to want.

She raised them in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith at 22nd and Bainbridge Street. South Philly.  That is the church she was raised in after coming to South Philly from Greenville , N.C., with her mother Mable r. Cox, sister Stella Marie Cox and two brothers William (June) Cox and Raymond Alton Cox.  

Jermont Cox was baptized at age 10 and remained a part of the church for many years afterwards.

Teenage years fast approached and as all teenagers, it was his time to seek out what life was about.  To stand up and face the big scary world.

Jermont has always been a very ambitious young man.  He was always eager to learn many different trades and since his mother was not in a position to send him to trade school, all he learned was hands on.  Never afraid to get his hands dirty.  He used to work with some of the guys from the church or from the neighborhood, plumbing, electrical, painting, masonry, etc. all that he learned came in handy around the house, saved mom a few dollars also.

In 1985 Jermont signed up for a summer job course at the Harambee Institute.  It  taught him how to approach the job he wanted in life.  To fill out a job application, money management, about the W-2 form and so much more.  It was to prepare him for the work world.  Later that summer he got a job at the YMCA located on 52nd St. and Chestnut St. as a janitor, earning $25 a week.

As time went on things got a little trendier.  Mom was not able to keep up with both children.  That would be his last year of school. (1986)

While sitting around trying to decide what he wanted to do with himself.  His mother came to him and said, "Okay!  You do not want to go to school; you are not going to sit around.  Your father is not a lazy man and you are not going to be either."  That was all of the motivation this young man needed.  Right away Jermont went an got a job as a dishwasher in West Chester, PA.

Jermont Cox's work history as recorded by the IRS started in 1986 and ended in 1993  Things did not stay upbeat
with  his family, the whole way through.  Drugs came into the household and destroyed the stability that was once there.

Mid 1988. he stopped working, started hanging out and was caught up in  drugs (dealing and doing), it did not last long.  By the end of the year, Jermont was in the Youth Study Center.  He spent the rest of 1988 there and brought in 1989 there.  Mid 1989 this young man was back at work and he remained in that element  until January 14, 1993, the day of his arrest.

What you are about to read is a collection of this man's deepest thoughts, all of which deal with certain situations of his life past and present.  His writing gives an intimate look at who this man really is, not who they made him out to be.


Dead Silence where a man can hear the movement of his blood being pumped from his heart to stay alive.

Dead Silence where a man's own voice frightens him.

Dead Silence that causes a man to cry uncontrollably inside because of the silent fear.

Dead Silence that causes a man to never want to sleep again.

Dead Silence where every crack , hum or step is the fear of Satin's  Angel waiting for your soul.

Dead Silence that will cause a good man to go from peace to a babbling fool.


Dead Silence ... Please, somebody talk to me.  I don't ever want to be alone again.


I can not escape death no matter how hard I try, it is around.  I see it.  I smell it.  But  most of all I feel it.

I am talking about actual physical DEATH.

To feel death and not die I really can't explain the fear factor.  I can't explain the desire to want to dies.  I can't explain any of it. That's why I write about it.

It used to be that DEATH came at a certain age and time.  It was almost predictable.  NO MORE!  It's no longer just the weak that death seeks, (weak in spirit) it's all.

Now DEATH can be seen in the eyes of  the strong heart and mind...  Hovering over our babies.  Running in and out of our souls preparing us for the true coming.

How does one prepare for DEATH!?  Write wills, relinquish all belongings, pick grave sites, buy tombstones and choose speakers to speak of their once state of being.  Just try to imagine preparing your own DEATH!


Let me tell you.  DEATH is not dark.  DEATH is not some spirit in a black robe with a pitch fork of some sort.  NO, NO, NO.
DEATH is just as bright as the Eternal Light.

DEATH presents itself as beautiful as a sunset, a field of roses, all things beautiful.. But you know it's DEATH.  It's not until the end of DEATH's tour that the fear set's in.  That's when all things become tragic.

It's not tragic in  a  really bad accident way.  It's tragic because you witness your end of life .  The DEATH drops you back off into reality, the present...  You know you just went through something, but what is the question and how do you get it out of your veins, blood line?


In order for me to write this I had to die because if I was alive at the time it would be more questions than fact.

I'm no longer afraid to die.  My only pain and distress are those I leave behind.  They will hurt more than I.

The goals that I never accomplished, the lovers that I missed out on and the children I did not watch grow.

That is what makes DEATH  painful...

Is Death evil?  YOu will get a chance to answer that yourself one day.....


The reason I am sending you the info and death related poems is to give you a full picture and hopefully you can relay it to the readers in the same fashion.  Dig me. starts like this.

My day is spent 24 hours a day locked in a cave, living the nightmares a described in the above writings.

On October 5. 1991 I watch life come into this world it was  the life of my son Jermont Nydreisse Cox.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  All we did was cry together.

On July 19, 1992 I put my hands on a gun and killed a man.  I watched a life leave this world.  Trust me when I say it was not supposed to happen like that.

That same year August, 1992 and November, 1992 two more men were killed.  I had nothing to do with those murders.  I sit convicted of all three murders, two life sentences and a death sentence.

On January 14. 1993 I was arrested for one murder, the July, 1992.  I admitted to pulling the trigger.  I told them it was an accident. My description of the accident was vague.  I was questioned about the August, 1992 murder.  I told them I had an alibi and wasn't there but at one time I did drive around  with another looking for the guy.  We never found him.  I was not charged.

I was then questioned about the November, 1992 murder.  I  gave a statement stating the last time I was with the dude, they believed did the murders.  That was that as far as I thought.  When I go downstairs for the July, 1992 arraignment and bail hearing  I was told I have two murders, July and November.

No bail...  Sent off to await trial.  I get a court appointed attorney for those two cases.  While waiting for trial at the prison , shit is heated.  The papers  (news) link me to a drug organization.  They also said I gave a statement involving others.  There are attempted stabbings and other stuff.  I am all alone , first time in prison.

Four months later , April, 1993, I call this attorney.  I was locked down, it's corny shit still thick.

On April 29, 1993 the homicide detectives came to get me and tell me they got a call from my attorney.  I get down to the station they offer me a private visit with my girlfriend and move me out of the prison for a statement saying I saw the August, 1992 murder.  I did and they held up their end of the bargain.  I was now charged with that murder, That's three murders now.
With the August case, remember they were already aware that I had an alibi, so they knew that it was false.

October 27, 1993 I am at the prison, it's 12 P.M.  I am laying around the prison , they call me and say I have to go to court.  I get to court in prison clothes.  I am told that I am starting trial.    Now usually when a man starts trial he is on the first bus out at 5 A.M.   I didn't notice but the sell out was in full effect .  I told my attorney that I wasn't ready.  He said it did not matter if I was ready or not, he was ready.

I had no family or support in the court room.  I was  somewhat familiar with  my judge, so I decided not to have a jury trial , to go with the judge straight up.  This is the July 1992 murder case.  When I say familiar  I mean her reputation as being a fair judge.

The D.A. attempted to go for the death penalty .  The judge said no it was not a death penalty case.  Before the close of the day I was found guilty of first degree murder.  My defense was supposed to be self defense.   It was never introduced at the trial, my attorney totally destroyed it on some buck shot hunter theory .  He advised  me that there was no need to testify and explain my statement of the accidental shooting  because he had secured a third degree or involuntary manslaughter verdict.  So I didn't.  On October 29, 1993 I was sentenced to life in prison.

After receiving the life sentence for the Davis case I was taken up state to begin serving that time.  This was on November 1, 1993.

On November 12, 1993 while being processed in to a state prison S.C.I ,  Campbell they told me that I am going to court.  My entire time upstate I had no contact with my attorney.  The same dude from the July case.  So I was taken back to court in Philly county on November 15, 1993.  I walk into the courtroom, my attorney, the D.A. and the racist Judge LaTrone.  Again no family.  They say I am going to trial for August and November cases.  I see the ambush the sellout.  I need to pull a stunt.  I ask for the deal.  I plead guilty to both cases for two life sentences.

I am taken back to S.C.I.. Campbell right away,  I go to  the law library.  I made a motion to remove the quilty pleas.  On May 4, 1994 I was permitted to do so and I got a new drunk attorney.  On March 30, 1995 I began picking my jury for the August and November murders.

The evidence they had against me in the November case a so-called very questionable statement (confession). Nothing else. Why was it questionable?  The facts they said I gave them that caused me to be arrested, they did not match the time line and events of the murder.  The D.A. changed the facts of the statement to make it match.  If the D.A. is supposed to investigate all evidence before making the charge or the arrest, I was not supposed to be charged.

The evidence for the August case.  Two statements.  One saying no I was not involved , the other saying I drove the car.  With the first one they know of my alibi also.  The second statement was given by me under a duress situation.  My life was in danger at the prison awaiting trial.  This was in 1993 before the July trial.  When I first started out I was only charged with the July and November murders.

It was the second statement on April 29, 1993 that got me charged with the August case.  Okay, I am having life threatening problems at the prison.  I call the attorney.  He puts me in  contact with the detectives.  He's not interested.  He's representing the Philly mob, Big Money.  Same attorney from the October trial.  On April 29, 1993 the detectives came to the prison and grab me up.  In exchange for the false statement saying I saw another person kill Watson but I was the driver and for a private visit with my girlfriend.  I was moved from one prison to the next.  That statement got me charged with the August case.  Jury selection for the August and November cases ended April 5, 1995 and the trial started.

When I first got arrested they tried to put July and December cases together for trial. The courts said no way, no connection.

At trial before another racist judge Posering.  The D.A. was able to get the July case in with August  and November cases together.  The jury heard about the three murders and wasn't told that I had already been found guilty of July in 1993.  On top of that , one of my jurors was friends with the judge, D.A.s  office and detectives.

The D.A. was going for the death penalty on both the August and November cases.  The special circumstances they applied to these cases that made them death penalty worthy are, first, the murders were contract murders, second, endangering the life  of another person other than the victim, third, I was already convicted for murder and serving a life sentence .  

On April 11, 1995 the jury found me guilty of two counts of first degree murder.  On April 12, 1995 for the August murder they found none of the special circumstances applied.  There was a female in the car with the November victim, she was not hit.  I was already serving a life sentence for  the October murder and according to other information both men were killed as a result of a contract being put on their life for taking anther's car.

So I received death for the November murder.  The man they said pulled the trigger is home.  The man they said paid to have it done is home.  I am on death row for what they did.

This is a little sidebar from Lee.  I have spent a lot of time in the streets.  Many crimes have 2 stories.  One is what you get from the news media and the injustice system and what you hear on the streets.  In many cases the truth is in between and in many other cases the truth is the street version.  In the near future I will have an essay on this site that will give you a some examples that I know about.  Jermont and others when they tell you their stories  their side is what is heard in the streets.  They know who really committed the crime that they have been convicted of but they do not have the money to prove it and in many cases the police and prosecutors know who the real killer is too.

What the jury hears in the trial in many cases has nothing to do with the truth or it is the twisted truth.  Things are not said that would clear the accused even though in many cases the prosecutor and the defense attorneys know that the accused is innocent.

My attorney (the drunk) had never handled a murder case before mine.  On top of that a double murder case, then bring in a third.  This is the reason they brought the July case into the August and November cases.  The said the body bullets taken from the July case matched the body bullets taken from the August case and since I was the shooter in the July case I had access to this alleged gun for the August case.  No gun has never been recovered for either case.  The theory was either a 38 or 357 were used.

By bringing in the July case the jury heard about a third murder.  The prejudicial impact was overwhelming.  As stated above about the juror who knew the D.A., Judge and detective, had any person said they knew me , they would have been dismissed in a heartbeat.
If anyone has any questions about my situation or  about me, please write me at the address below.  I will answer any and all questions.

In doing research for my case  I came across the Nicki Scarfo Philly Mob case and did a comparison.

The Philadelphia D.A.s office did not go for the death penalty at all.  The special circumstances that would permit the D.A. to go for the death penalty are:

1.  Already serving time in Federal prison or state prison.

2. Endangering the life of another person that's not the victim. (2 little boys had gun powder burns)                                                                                                                                                       3.  committing a crime while protecting an illegal organization.

There were more and the D.A. never even considered the death penalty.

All of the guys on trial in the Nicki Scarfo Mob case got a new trial because the D.A. called them "a pack of wolves."

The D.A. called me "a monster that seemed like a ordinary human being.

The mafia associate that my first attorney was representing at the same time he was representing me in October 1993 July murder trial.  That guy went home...  It's hard to figure out.

State Correction Institution at Greene
Jermont Cox
175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, PA 15370-8086

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