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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help save this innocent man (Derrick Jackson) from execution!

Derrick Jackson was convicted of murdering two men in their apartment. 

I truly believe that this man is innocent and has been wrongfully convicted of this double homicide. He should NOT be executed! He has maintained his innocence since day one. He claims that he did not know the two victims, who were beaten and stabbed to death. Jackson is college educated but poor, and could have a promising future in business. There is compelling evidence of his innocence. In a letter he wrote to on the website of CCADP, he thanks supporters for everything they do in protest of the death penalty. He urges people to please do something to help stop the state killing. THIS is exactly why I oppose the death penalty and advocate for its abolition. I want to support prisoners. Jackson was convicted of a double homicide and charged 9 years after the crime was committed due to a computer automated fingerprint. The system revealed that his print along with 7 other individuals, were possible matches to the print left at the scene of the crime. The individual who did the matching testified at trial that Jackson's print was NOT a positive match to the one at the crime scene. An expert witness also admitted to falsifying DNA test results against Jackson, in order to secure a conviction for the prosecution. There are no facts, no witnesses and no concrete evidence of Jackson's guilt. There is a complete lack of evidence. This 31 year old man and his family are victims of a vengeful, barbaric, and biased justice system. PROTEST THIS EXECUTION AND STOP STATE KILLING!! 

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